Friday, 9 December 2022

Winter, Frost, Tips, and Advent Day 9


Hello friends!

I have woken up this morning to frost all over my garden which means it is jolly cold in my area for my garden is quite sheltered so for me to have frost is an indication of how cold it is.

We have a rather brilliant money saving experts in the UK called Martin Lewis. He is well known on television and through his podcasts for his very sound and thoroughly researched advice on all matters money. I have been listening regularly to him and he confirmed in one of his more recent podcasts that I've done the right thing by installing thermal curtain liners, which I actually did in the summer to help reduce the heat in the living room, as an additional barrier. The other day I mentioned that there was a distinct difference in the temperature on the window side of the curtains to the room side of the curtains. as he pointed out one thing you can do is open the curtains when the sun is shining through the window because that will help each your room for free but make sure you close them as soon as it gets dark because that's when the coldest day is coming around the window. You don't have to have badly sealed or leaky windows for this to be a problem. I have got brand new double glazed units and it's still noticeable, although not as noticeable as with my old units that have been replaced. I have invented my own terminology for this a while back, I call it curtain chasing!

 I'm rounding up the Mary Engelbreit books with her winter book  It's only a small book and doesn't solely cover Christmas but the entire winter season. There are four books in this series the other three obviously being spring summer and autumn so I will be looking at those in future blogs.

Today's calendar picture is hidden behind some leaves just above the dear little Robin so I thought I'd include that in today's photo.  Upon opening the door we find a sweet little
Wren, one of our smallest and most endearing garden birds.

Until next time

Stay safe, stay well, and stay warm

Debbie xo


  1. The robin is pretty, but I wonder why the wren is so mad at it. ;-) I keep repeating myself, but the details in this calendar is amazing. It's just so beautiful.

  2. Yes, all good tips about the "curtain chasing". I practice these methods in our home. The darling chatterbox wren is a nice addition to your nature Advent calendar, Deb. We have one that starts his chattering in the afternoons as soon as the sun reaches the patio. He loves it there and so do I! xoxo

  3. I pulled the shutters across in our bedroom last night - they made a difference too. Currently snowing heavily in Tregaron . . .

    Love the Robin and the Wren on your Advent calendar. Birds I see regularly in the garden here.

  4. "Winter" is my favorite of her four seasons books. I love the robin on your calendar!

  5. I'm loving sharing your calendar - thank you


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