Saturday 4 January 2020

Vintage Handkerchiefs

Hello Friends!

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda!
Happy New Year!

I am not going to write much today, I am feeling rather lazy having greedily devoured a surfeit of chocolate which now forms a large part of my blood group.  I am still not sure what day of the week it is, feeling as if it is the eighth or ninth Saturday since Christmas.  The days seem to run into one and I shall be glad when normality, whatever that is, returns on Monday.

The chocolate is eaten; the cheese is all gone.  Please send reinforcements, we're going to a dance. Or is that "send three and fourpence, we're going to advance"?  Can we survive without chocolate until Easter?  But wait, there's Valentine's Day soon, but is it soon enough?  I think the chocolate withdrawal is getting to me.

Recently, I found a box full of handkerchiefs, vintage ones, so really lovely things to look at.  Some have patterns woven in to the fabric {see the green check one, at the bottom} others have beautiful embroidery, drawn thread work, or lace adornments.   One is worked in cross stitch, and the back is almost as meticulous as the front {as good embroidery should be!}

I am laundering all I have found and thinking of what use I can make of them.  Some are far too delicate to use now, so I must find a way of preserving them.  Others, such as the green check one, are fine and sturdy so can be put to their intended purpose; there is something genteel about an embroidered, cotton handkerchief, and I do so like to use a proper handkerchief, relics of a bygone age and saving the planet one sneeze at a time.

Until next time
Deborah xo