Thursday 5 March 2020


Hello Friends

In stating the obvious, I have not been here in a while.  The reason is this: despite having comment moderation in place, I am having regular issues with spammers.  Comment moderation does not deter them, and I announced on my Twitter feed that I intend to delete this blog, as it seemed the only way forward.  However, several request not to do so resulted in Ragged Robin kindly suggesting to me that instead of deleting, why don't I just make the blog "private".  I didn't know you could do this, so in a few days this blog will be made "private".  At the moment I am not entirely sure what this means, or entails, but I hope you will bear with me while I work this all out!

I may start shorter, daily posts rather than the time consuming longer ones I usually do too.

What is it they say?  See you on the flip side!  I hope you'll still be there.

Until next time
Deborah xoxo