Monday 20 February 2023

Well Hello!

 Hello friends!

I hope you are all keeping well. Winter seems to have been longer than usual this year. I think there must have been at least 273 days in January. Yet already the year seems to be flying by as we have just a week or so left in February and tomorrow is Shrove Tuesday which can mean only one thing: pancake day! How do you eat yours? My favourites are to make large crepes lightly spread with a little butter, sprinkled with a little sugar, and drenched in either lemon or orange juice.

will you be giving up anything for Lent? I am contemplating giving up chocolate which will be a huge sacrifice for me as it is my one comfort.  I tried Veganuary in the hopes that giving up cheese I would lose weight but I actually gained 4 pounds it was not meant to be that way!

Since I last wrote here all the way back in December, before Christmas, I have had a very nasty arthritis flare up. For those of you who suffer from arthritis I don't have to tell you how debilitating this is for me. I am in constant pain and cannot get comfortable in any chair or bed in the house.

Consequently almost all my activity has been curtailed, even if the weather has been kind enough to get out for walking I am barely able to put one foot in front of the other at the moment. To compound matters, two days ago I had a nasty little fall. I have no idea how it happened one minute I was standing upright the next minute I was hugging the tarmac. Thankfully no damage done a couple of tiny cuts, a grazed knee and a very bruised ego. But it just goes to show how easy you can fall over nothing more than thin air.

Parkinson's disease means that it is very difficult to hold books, and a short while ago a very kind friend sent me this. It is a wooden book stand and I can put my tablet on it with the kindle app and I'm therefore able to read without having the book shaking in my hands all the time. It has transformed my reading and I am deeply grateful to her for sending such a thoughtful gift.

Thankfully I am still able to paint, so in December of last year I signed up to the Anna Mason online art school. I have access to all sorts of instruction connected to watercolour painting and pencil drawing and all for less than the cost of a decent bar of chocolate a week. I didn't start the courses straight away, however I have started them recently and this is my first attempt. I guess you could say it is my first official watercolour painting, having used watercolour paints but never in the style of watercolour painting always used as part of my mixed media art. it is a song thrush egg, and although I have had to improvise with the colours a little, I'm very pleased with the overall results.

I have tried doing the daffodil but I am not so happy with this one the first one is all wrong. I know you will all disagree with me but trust me on this it is very wrong. I do not have the right size brushes or the correct coloured paints consequently it is turned out poorly.

This is my second attempt at it. Again having the wrong colours and wrong sized brushes is not helping even though I'm taking a different approach. As soon as I can afford the outlay for the new brushes and paints I will give it a third go.

Another dear friend sent me an Amazon gift voucher, so I treated myself to a tin of Derwent Chromaflow pencils. So I've been playing with those as well. Here's the first portrait I did using them.

And here's a little field mouse I drew using the new Chromaflow

Using mixed media, I did a couple of mandalas.

And finally a little mixed media painting of cone flowers just for fun.

my friends, as I said I hope you are keeping well this winter.

Until next time

Stay safe stay well stay warm

Debbie xo