Tuesday 31 October 2017

The Last Day of October

Hello Friends!
Samhain Blessings!
All Hallow's Eve
Happy Hallowe'en!

It is the last day of October ~ how did that happen?  Throughout the month we had two named storms, arriving much earlier than normal, and more worryingly we had a real hurricane that has all the boffins and meteorologists baffled and mystified.  Last weekend, our clocks fell back, and now the days feel suddenly different, more wintry as the light fades by late afternoon. The wind blows from the North, and a chill air creeps across the land and it's time to be thinking of hygge again, snuggling down with good books to raises the spirits, and books that come with matching mugs will raise the spirits even more ~~~

Tonight, the veil that separates the worlds of the living and the dead is at its thinnest, and spirits cross more easily, more freely, than any other night.

Here is a very interesting article from the BBC showing a facial reconstruction of Lilias Adie
accused of witchcraft over 300 years ago ~ Bright Blessings, Beautiful Sister!

Tonight, the tiny goblins and fairies, ghosts, ghouls, pirates and princesses, and monsters of all kinds will be out and about, before the witching hour, on the annual candy beg!

The Smallest Bears of the Hideaway Hug are in on the action too ~~~

However you celebrate today, celebrate well and be safe and happy!

Do stop by again tomorrow, for I have photographs of an outing to share with you.

~~~ Until next time
Deborah ~~~

Thursday 26 October 2017

Mushroom Village

Hello Friends!

Recently, I came across a small group of the cutest mushrooms imaginable. Perfectly formed, they seem to be just crying out for doors, windows, and chimneys to make the sweetest little mushroom cottages for our fairy and elemental friends ~~~ what do you think?

Then, just less than a week goes by, and the scene is changed, and I fear the fairies and elementals are flown away ~~~

All the while, the little village, undergoing so many changes, nestled underneath the gnarly roots of an ancient and magical yew tree ~~~

Until next time ~~~
Deborah xo