Tuesday 7 February 2017

David Winter Cottages Part One

Hello Friends!

Once upon a long, long time ago I collected a few, not many, David Winter cottages.  I am not an authority on them, I only have a dozen or so, and I bought them for their aesthetic charm as much as anything, for I find them most delightful and pleasing to look at. One thing I can say is that the attention to detail is truly amazing for something so small ~~~ each tiny doorway, every window, nook and cranny is finished to an incredibly high standard of detail which you might not expect to find in something so small. Just take one in your hands and peek at the detail on a recessed doorway, or under the roof eaves, or through the arch running through the property as in the old coaching days and you will see the detail of brickwork, doors and windows continues inside the recesses as if built by faeries ~~~ truly amazing attention to detail.

In mid December 2016 I could not believe my luck on a chance visit to a local charity shop to find four tiny cottages sitting on the shelves and at a bargain price of just £2.50 for all four. My heart skipped a beat as I quickly and carefully scooped them up and scurried to the counter before someone realised they'd made a mistake with the pricing!  I later found out they had been there for over a week!  I did write a little about them during the Christmas Countdown that I did through Advent {and have imported those photos here} but many of you asked me if I will share the rest of my small collection.

As I am recording the cottages from several angles, I don't want to swamp you with dozens of images of cottages, so I'll start today with the four charity shop purchases, then soon I'll share the rest ~~~

I've taken photographs from all angles because there is always something to look at 'in the round' with David Winter cottages, which I find adds greatly to the charm, so much detail!

Here's a helpful hint, if you have any David Winter cottages you will know that, no matter how carefully you handle them, they are prone to tiny chips and then the white underneath shows through. Not any more! I just used my Spectrum Noir alcohol ink pens and was able to touch up any areas with slight damage ~~~ good as new and only I know {okay, and now you know too, but shhhh! we're not telling, right?}

The following photos show how I used my entire collection along my mantel shelf and used rolls of cotton wool as fake snow to give a more festive feel. I also added a couple strands of tiny led lights to bring a little glow in the evenings as I could not put candles near to the cotton wool ~~~

The rest of the collection will follow in a future piece.  I hope you have enjoyed the first four cottages ~~~

Until next time
Deborah xoxo