Monday 12 October 2015

October, Autumn, and a Hallowe'en Tag ~~~

Gentle Reader ~~~ Although I love this time of year and, as ever have much I would love to write about, you may have noticed my small absence, and I regret I must keep this short as I have commitments to which I must attend ~~~ finger's crossed the Editing Gremlins stay away!

First, and it is a real first, for I have never been tagged before {quite thrilled at the thought} I have been tagged by Guillaume at Vraie Fiction, a fellow Autumnophile {wonder what the proper term is? Please share in the comments if you know!}  So here are my responses to the questions, and I will tag some people at the end. However, if you want to take part, I'm sure it won't break some great universal rule if you just go ahead and do so!  Please do!

1.  Favourite Hallowe'en Song ~~~ hmm, there's quite a few I could pick from, such as the theme from Ghostbusters, or the Addams Family, maybe Monster Mash? Am I being too predictable if I say Michael Jackson's Thriller? Classic 1980's and brilliant make up and choreography that sort of set a new standard for it's time ~~~ but if I want a more sophisticated song, then it's 'Put a Spell on You' by Nina Simone ~~~

2. Witch or Vampire ~~~ definitely a good witch because I love the outfit  ~~~

3.  Favourite thing about Hallowe'en ~~~ tricky. We didn't celebrate Hallowe'en when I was growing up, it had slipped of the radar so to speak, so I didn't really come to it until I arrived in America. I just loved watching all the kiddos having so much fun in their costumes as they went door to door Trick or Treating ~~~ and we'd dress up too, to hand out the candy, so I guess that is what I miss most, for it isn't really celebrated in the village still, although it is gathering momentum.  I also loved that adults could dress up and have lots of good fun too ~~~

4.  Hallowe'en Party or Scary Movie Marathon ~~~ although I'm not really a party goer, I love a small gathering of close friends, and there is something about a Hallowe'en gathering that is just so much FUN ~~~ especially as I love baking Hallowe'en treats to share ~~~ 

5.  Skeletons or Zombies ~~~ neither. I love the fun of Hallowe'en but am not a zombie or a skeleton kind of person ~~~ maybe more of a Casper the Friendly Ghost kind of person ~~~

6.  Favourite Hallowe'en Candy ~~~ anything home made, such as truffles or marzipan, or iced cakes in traditional Hallowe'en shapes, like pumpkins, ghosties, bats, hats, and so on ~~~

7.  Favourite Hallowe'en Movie ~~~ got to be Hocus Pocus all the way, or Practical Magic ~~~ also enjoy Twas the Nightmare Before Christmas ~ only if I'm feeling really brave, that is! ~~~

8.  Favourite Hallowe'en Costume ~~~ why, a witch, of course, what else?

9.  Favourite Hallowe'en Store ~~~ well, I never found very much in the shops nearby, I either make my own things or pick things up as and when I come across something ~~~

10.  Jack o' Lanterns ~ yes or no ~~~ Would Hallowe'en be Hallowe'en without a Jack o' Lantern? Whether it be pumpkin or turnip, you got to have a Jack o' Lantern ~~~

11.  Bats or Black Cats ~~~ you mean I have to chose? 

12.  Is Hallowe'en your favourite holiday ~~~ comes a very close second to Christmas only because of Christmas cake and mince pies ~~~

13.  Pumpkin Spice Latte or Hot Chocolate ~~~ Hot Chocolate all the way for me ~~~

So now that it is done, I tag the following ~~~

April at April's Homemaking {you must go watch her video of her Hallowe'en house!}
Peg at The Scattered Journalist


I have not decorated much, the pumpkins and Autumn coloured chrysanthemums are yet to put in an appearance in the shops, so I have done just a little in anticipation of their imminent arrival ~~~

Soon, the green foliage plants will be replaced by 'mums ~ if they ever arrive in the shops! 

Ceramic pumpkins dotted over the book case

A small Avon glass squirrel that I bought my very first Christmas in America, 1978

Dartington crystal vase filled with woodland gathered pine cones, dried hydrangea and stipa gigantica stems from the garden

I do need to make some new buntings, so if time permits they will be made and put up appropriately, as well as the much hoped for arrival of pumpkins {though I somehow doubt the ornamental gourds are going to be stocked in local shops this year} Last year I had to put in a special order for orange and rust coloured 'mums and ended up with white and yellow ones ~~~hmmmm~~~ we will have to wait and see ~~~

Until next time ~~~

Sincerely yours
Deborah xoxo