Thursday 27 October 2016

Mid Autumn Catch Up

Hello Friends!

That most delicious time of year is upon my corner of the Shire once again. You know of what I speak ~~~ Autumn, my most favoured time of year, and now nearly half way through. So much has happened since I last wrote, so today I'll quickly share a few of my recent photographs as there is really far too much to recap. I can scarce believe it is a month and then some since I last journalled here ~~~ I have been sidetracked but manage today to share some photographs taken two weeks ago, although my words are sparse today ~~~

Summer passed us by again, and I know many of you are quite envious of the cooler weather that meant I have had the heating on at some point most days through July while you and your ice creams melted in the sweltering, scorching sun. Of course, I've now got the heating bill to prove it! A few weeks ago, we actually broke through the 70 degree barrier! It came as a shock to the system, three whole days in a row of 80 degrees and higher, but then we dropped back to our typical mid~60's.

The light at this time of year takes on a quality of gentle softness as the sun slips slowly lower in the sky with each passing day.  I do not get out as much as I would like, but when I do, you know my camera goes too, so here are some, quite a few, photographs I've taken when I've had the chance to go for a walk along the highways and byways surrounding my home ~~~

A well camouflaged trout in the shallows

high in the horse chestnut tree sit unripened conkers waiting to fall

the view from Pen Lan across the valley to the village

I think he might be stuck ~ he's torn up the road for sure!

So lush and verdant it almost looks like a tropical valley

down the hill and into the valley below

so little rain, the stream is nearly dry

gulls paddling on the seashore's edge

old stone cottages with traditional lime wash bask in late autumn sunshine

the cathedral tower rising up from it's hiding place in the hidden valley

a macro photo of sycamore "helicopters" with a tiny spider
a sprig of helicopters waiting to fly

horse chestnut leaf 

a magical new addition to the once ordinary railings at the Bishop's Palace

beautiful details

I love these magical mushrooms

cathedral view

a row of pretty traditional stone cottages

if the folk lore holds true, red berries signal a hard winter ahead

a calm and shady spot along the stream

sweet chestnuts fall along the wayside

I'm sure the squirrels will be along soon

looking out across the coast to the south west
a medieval chapel in ruins in an ancient field 

a tanker, like a ghost ship, sits across the misty bay

all the way down at Fulmar Cove

ruined medieval chapel
I often sit on the Welsh~American slate seat and think of my friends Across The Pond

A big old beetle scurries across the path to the cool shelter of the grassy verge

Blackberries ripen on the vines
Nature's sculptures ~ trees carved into shape by the prevailing west winds
So, dear friends, thank you for coming with me, I have enjoyed your company on our happy little stroll through the sunny byways and lanes ~ wasn't it fun? It is getting colder now each day and October is nearly spent ~ my gloves and scarves are waiting in the wings {there is always room for one more lovely scarf and pair of gloves?} Next time we'll bring along a Thermos of hot chocolate and a biscuit to nibble. My autumn decorations are up, the special favourite mugs are now in use, and hot chocolate is back on the hot drinks list in my kitchen.  I always put a tiny pinch of chilli powder in my hot chocolate, just to give it a little kick, they do compliment each other so very well.

Until next time
~~~Deborah xoxo