Friday 20 August 2021

And That's A Wrap! {at last}

Hello Friends!

It's a wrap!

ICAD is complete for 2021.  I am immensely relieved, and impatient now to move on to other things on proper water colour papers.  While ICAD is fun, it's sometimes a tie with the commitment, and often a lot of effort for such a poor quality piece of paper.

Just a recap on my objectives.  First was to try to spend no more than 30 minutes on each card, excluding drying time; second was to only draw freehand, not using stamps; and third was no collage or glue as I wanted to keep them flat this year. I achieved two and three easily, maybe not sticking exactly to my 30 minute limit on a few, but then I brought some in in under 10 minutes.  Swings and Roundabouts, Roundabouts and Swings.

Also, I hoped my drawing skills would improve.   Whether or not that happened I'm not sure, but what I have learned is that an image can often be improved just by working over with different layers.  Slowly, then, a half way decent image emerges in most cases.

I don't think I'm the kind of artist who can really let go.  By that, I mean get messy. I am very much about neat, precise lines.  I need to look at this and aim to loosen up my work more.

Finally, it's all objective.  There's no right or wrong, and not everyone will like my work, and some will love it.  You might like one very much, but for another one you might wonder what on earth was I thinking.  The main thing is, for me, is you took time to look, and for that, thank you.

So, here are the final few.

53/61  Much harder to draw than I thought it would be.  Surprised there's any sort of circular form, never mind what I managed to achieve.


55/61 Freehand drawn with Sakura Gel pens, then pulled the ink before it dried.

56/61  Now for something edible.  

57/61 Radish in watercolour paints

58/61 Fuchsia

59/61 mixed media dandelion "firework display"

60/61 while using yellow I had to do just one more happy little sunflower!  I wanted to do leaves, but that would have taken me way over 30 minutes.  As it is, soon as I saw the photo, I could see how squiffy this is!

61/61 Finis!

Thank you for all your love and support.  Finally finished, but I DID IT! 

Until next time
Stay safe, stay well

Wednesday 4 August 2021

Flowers Always Bring Me Joy

Hello Friends!

Not only am I gratefully heartened and encouraged by those of you who've taken the time to write such kind and lovely comments recently, I'm happy to know that my efforts have made some of you want to pick up your paints and brushes again yourselves.  Joyful times of creating lie ahead!

I am still plodding on with ICAD, but am anxious to finish it now so that I can give myself permission to move on to something else.  Ten more today, and the final nine next time.

43/61  Freehand pen and ink

44/61  Impression inspired by the view from my desk, across the garden to the Rosa Rugosa and neighbouring trees beyond

45/61  Need to step back and chill.  I must accept I missed the end date {so did many others} and stop churning out rubbish just to complete.

46/61 Cornflowers, well, sort of cornflowers!

47/61  Imaginary image

48/61  Loosely based on the very colourful, municipal town planting in Haverfordwest that brought me much joy waiting in the bus stop for my connections on my long bus journeys, several days a week, to visit Mum in her care home.  A happier memory from a dark time of confusion and sadness.  Flowers always bring me joy.

49/61  I realised I needed a rose, so with a little online guidance, I bravely drew this freehand using gel pen directly on the washed card and tinted using Inktense.  E for Effort!  49 down, 12 to go!

50/61  Hanging basket.  A long time ago, our local council provided a pair of hanging baskets for each shop in the village.  Most did not take long to perish due to neglect, but one business watered daily and fed regularly, really taking good care of her gift, and her baskets were a sight to behold.

51/61   For years I've hankered after one of those big, bronze, rich burnt orange chrysanthemum potted plants for my porch during the Autumn months but can only ever find yellow and white in the shops.  Ironically, usually around Easter I can find the burnt orange ones, when the white and yellow would be more seasonally appropriate.

52/61  Just a doodle that went a bit astray using neon colour gel pens

Until next time
Stay safe, stay well