Sunday 4 December 2022

Mary Engelbreit and Advent Day 4.

Hello friends!


It's another cold and frosty morning here today and it's barely 16C in the living room again.  I had to go outside this morning all I can say is brrrrrrrrr!!! chilly chilly chilly and colder it's going to get, we may even have snow in a week or so. Funny how even just five years ago I would have looked forward to snow, but now I think you can keep it!


This morning’s door, number four, is hidden behind some lovely ivy, and hidden behind the ivy is today's picture of a sweet little mouse. I do like mice however much as I like them I don't want to share my house with them although if they come into my garage that's okay to shelter from this biting cold weather.


Yesterday I shared a photo that included one of my Mary Engelbreit seasonal books. I know some of you are very familiar with her but many of you are not, so I'm going to start adding in a few images from the books for you to see why she's one of my favourite illustrators. I am a huge fan of her work although I've stopped buying her books now, I think I've got enough!

Today I'll share some images from her The Big Book of Santa.  The image with the purple sack is probably one of her most well known and iconic images.

Right now, I am sitting in the window with the sun beating down on my back. And it just so delightfully warm, I cannot begin to describe the bliss of the warm Winter sun on my back.


Until next time
Stay safe, stay well, and stay warm!
Debbie xo


  1. Happy 4th of Advent. I love mice, too, but not in my flat! The illustrations from Mary Engelbreit are lovely. Have a great week, keep warm! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Mary Engelbreit is an amazing artist that is a favorite of mine as well. She used to have a monthly magazine that I subscribed to. It's lovely to think of you sitting in the warmth of the sunshine, my friend. I'm hoping for more days like that for you! xoxo

  3. I can't believe I haven't come across this artist - I will be scurrying off to look for some of her books. Wonderful illustrations. Stay warm and take care - I too don't look forward to snow like I used to!!!!!

  4. I need to catch up, Deb, but am behind the game. I love this series and Mary E., too. I'm with you on the mice -- I think they are darling, but not in the house!

  5. This advent calendar is just so beautiful and amazingly detailed. The mouse is sweet, but I don't want it in my house either.