Friday 16 December 2022

The Seasons, Garden Birds, Advent Day 16

Hello friends!

I think it's warming up a little bit, but it's still too cold in the cottage without the heat. Maybe if I didn't have underlying health issues I wouldn't be so concerned about not turning the heat on but I have to err on the side of caution these days. I have been told shopping in town is an absolute nightmare, that is apparently if you can find a parking space to begin with. It seems the traffic is backed up all around town with everyone vying for a space. I've also been told they're digging up the road on the Cross Square again. It isn't that long since they've finished putting the road back together after one problem they had there when workmen dug through the pipes!

Having said it's warming up a little bit, it's cold enough for me to have seen the first Red Wings in the garden this morning, I've also had a fieldfare, and the thrush has returned.  these aren't the best photos I was taking them with very shaky hands through windows that need washing!

Here is today's calendar

I think I have shared a glimpse of today's book with you before It is simply entitled The Seasons and is by Louis Lawrence. I think the whole appearance of the presentation and the quirky handwriting is very evocative of Edith Holden and books of that ilk from the 1980s, don't you?

With Christmas Eve just a week away now I'm almost hesitant to ask you all Are you ready for Christmas? I am far from it but I don't think I'll be doing very much this year. It's so much easier when I keep things simple. That way I can enjoy the day without going overboard I'm just doing what I care to do. Most of my food is already in the house and this morning the Christmas edition of the Radio Times made an appearance in my hallway!

Until next time

Stay well, stay safe, stay warm

Debbie xo











overnight the sky was black, black as any black hello friendsyou've ever seen, the moon rose, small and bright, shining in stark contrast to the dark surrounding it. Pinpoints of silver shimmered in the net of night sky that swayed across the heavens. By morning, a pale and watery yellow sun pushing as hard as it could through the night slowly turn the black into grey. The cold seeped through my Uggs and oozed around my toes like molasses seeping through cracks and crevices of stone. I stared across the awakening land as the grey pushed back and colours slowly returned to the land. Twinkling lights glittered across my view  as the village started to come to life once more.




  1. Your last paragraph is absolutely beautiful writing, dear Deb! The birds that are visiting you are so special. On our walk this morning we spotted bluebirds. It's always fun to see them flitting about, though unusual.
    Darling pair of owls in today's calendar. Stay warm and enjoy the weekend! xoxo

  2. Those two owls cwtched up are delightful. I've seen small flocks of Redwings and Fieldfares locally but they don't visit the garden. One lot were making a racket at they fed on the Yew berries of St Mary's churchyard in town. Loved your photos and the beautiful piece of writing at the end. Very evocative.

  3. What a beautiful last paragraph :) By strange coincidence we have just had a flock of around 12 Redwings in the garden. I thought at first Blackbirds but I thought too many so I fetched the binoculars. The book looks super and yes it reminds me of Edith Holden too. Stay warm if you can.

  4. Dearest Deb, I have missed you at that other place. I'm guessing you aren't coming back, so I shall be sure to visit you more often here. I'm not sure I understand my you don't have heat, but I hope you get a little bit soon, just to take the edge off what must be a bone-stiffening chill. Love your birdies, and that book is beautiful. Christmas shopping here is finished, but there is wrapping yet to do. We, too, have kept things simple this year (no tree, and only stocking stuffers as gifts), but I'm rather enjoying it. I think of you often and miss you more, precious friend. Many blessings be yours this holy season of peace and joy.

  5. Beautiful calendar picture and beautiful book pictures. You have such a lovely collection of books. You are one lucky gal. I will say what I say every year about being ready for Christmas, "I'm as ready as I'm going to be". There is always more I would like to do, but I am happy with it all. I do look forward to the peace and quiet of January. Take care~

  6. I think that it's too cold for anyone to leave the heating off. We have the same roadwork problems here. Everywhere you turn there are temporary traffic lights. It's annoying when they are digging up newly resurfaced roads! We only get redwings and fieldfares very occassionally.

  7. I love the owl window! Our temps have really dropped and we're expecting a significant winter storm beginning Thursday night. We'll be on the road tonight and coming home Saturday, hoping we don't have to travel in the storm. Have a Merry Christmas and I hope you will stay warm.