Thursday 29 February 2024

In Celebration of Saint David's Day

Hello Friends!

Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Sant Hapus
Happy Saint David's Day

Today, March 1st, is Saint David's Day. David, or Dewi Sant, is the Patron Saint of Wales and today he is celebrated throughout Wales, and across the world where many Welsh communities exist.  I have written previously here and here if you would like to read more.  Typing is wearing me out these days, so I apologise for the brevity and for referring you to previous posts.

Here is a selection of photos from my library in celebration of Saint David and of being Welsh.

Two pictures of the Shrine of David, restored, at St Davids Cathedral


The Bishop's Blessing on the Cross Square 14th century prayer cross.  The then bishop, the Rt. Rev Wyn Evans is giving the Blessing, ably assisted by the then Dean, the Rev. Jonathan Lean, the then Mayor, Cllr. John George, and finally the then Canon Dorrien Davies who has just been consecrated as the 130th Bishop of St Davids.  This year it will be Bishop Dorrien leading the ecclesiastic celebrations. 

Two views of the Cathedral in the Valley of Roses where David established his monastery and it has been a centre for faith and pilgrimage for 1,500 years.  One only has to set foot inside the cathedral and the energy of one and a half millennia is palpable.

Various views at St Non's where David was born

Shrine of the Blessed Virgin

Healing Well said to have sprung up when David was born

Stained glass depiction of Saint Non in St Non's Chapel by the Sea

St Non's Chapel by the Sea, early 20th century chapel at St Non's Retreat

Stained glass depiction of Saint David in St Non's Chapel by the Sea

Chapel interior

Early Celtic Cross

Examples of traditional Welsh woollen tapestry, Dyffryn Mill

Tapestry cape Melin Middle Mill

Hand knitted Welsh costume doll

Tapestry floor rug Tregwynt Mill

Some Welsh souvenir textiles 

Our Dear Friend Tiny Tartan from Across the Pond also celebrating the day!

A copy of a rare treasure, the highly sought after Twr Y Felin Guide, second edition, and a vintage pamphlet on pilgrimage to St Davids

No celebration would be complete without daffodils, the national flower of Wales!

And now for tea time treats!

Bara Brith

Welsh Cakes

and finally . . . 

editing to add that two of my photos were selected for the Western Telegraph's St David's Day online edition HERE!!!

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  1. Happy St David's Day, dear friend. You truly live in a magical place. I love seeing the cathedral and the celebrations of the day. Now, it would be grand to enjoy tea with you and your treats. Have a great day!

    1. Thank you, yes, tea and teatime treats shared would be just wonderful. Have a great week ahead!

  2. Happy St David's day - a super post Debbie. Thanks for all the photos. Fascinating to see all the places connected with St David such as the shrine, cathedral, church and holy well. You do live in an area with so much history and magical wonders. Well done on getting more photos in the paper. Have a lovely day. Caroline (Ragged Robin)

  3. Happy St. David's day. Love the photo, especially those of the shrine and the cathedal, so beautiful! Happy weekend, hugs, Valerie

    1. Thank you! Have a wonderful week ahead {hope you feel better}

    2. Thanks, congrats on your successesy with your photos again! Hugs!

  4. Great post and beautiful photos. "Magical" does describe where you live. Happy St David's Day!

  5. Lovely images. Have you tried an app that recognises speech and types for you?

    1. Thank you. Yes, I have tried two different ones, but the random spelling, punctuation, and auto correct causes much stress.

    2. Hi to our Friends across the Pond. I couldn’t sign in from Google but wonderful to see all the lovely places there in St David’s. We have some daffodils starting to bloom here and even the tiny ones! Those tapestries are really incredible and it’s extra special to see the stain glass of course in the Cathedral. God bless and much love 🙋‍♀️🌷💕🥰🙏🏻 Kimberly and BeachHut Bearsxx

    3. I had this problem and had to temporarily enable third-party cookies. Using Google on Windows you can do this by clicking on the eye icon at the top right of the browser bar.

  6. What a lovely post and the photos of the Cathedral are very evocative of its history. You captures everything which sums up Welsh culture. Thank you.

  7. Thank you for this lovely post.
    Belated good wishes for St Davids Day.
    How lovely that you had two photographs chosen for the Western Telegraph.

    All the best Jan