Tuesday 27 February 2024

The Moon Shines Bright

Hello Friends

The sky is clear and cloudless on a crisply cold Winter's evening. Birds are singing cheerfully, chirruping a clarion call of hope, a promise that tells us Spring will soon be here as surely as the dawn will rise again. Sweet voices in the silence of the coming night, there's something in that sound, as it echoes across this quiet twilight corner of the Shire that stirs my spirit at it's very heart. The Snow Moon looks down and smiles, and moonbeams dance so bright and full of hope . . .

What do you see when you look up at our one and precious beautiful moon? Do you see the Man in the Moon? Did you know there are two men in the moon? Or, do you see the Hare or Rabbit in the Moon? For years I only saw the Man in the Moon, then one day I found the other one, and then I found the Rabbit! Our moon, with her many moods, is full of magic and secrets waiting to be found.

Until next time
Stay safe, stay well

Debbie xx


  1. That is a gorgeous view of our moon, Deb! Well done. Your descriptions are magical--love it. Yes, I see many things in the moon, but the first is always the man in the moon that I remember viewing as a child. Have a lovely evening, my friend.

  2. I think we find what we seek! Hugs, Valerie

  3. Lovely photo and words. I love looking at the moon especially when its full - you can see so many things if you look. Take care Caroline (Ragged Robin)

  4. Beautiful photograph and lovely words.
    I always enjoy seeing the moon when our UK weather allows.

    Enjoy the last days of February.

    All the best Jan

  5. The full moon is always so magical. You took a lovely photo. Your words are magical, too.

    Love and hugs~