Thursday, 1 June 2023

How Does the Garden Grow?

Hello Friends!

Welcome Flaming June! A month of gentle days when roses breaking free from tight wrapped bud do send the fragrant scent of many blooms to float and drift upon the warming air ~~~ in calm repose the weary gardener sits ~~~ whose work is never done ~~~ she listens to the drone of busy bees while drinking in the perfume sweet, her eyelids close, and lulled by the gently buzzing bees she sleeps, perchance to dream ~~~ if only for a moment sweet, swept away on the fragrant air to distant and mysterious lands where ancient wonders wait ~~~
Thank you all for your kind comments over my recent photographic success!
I am still waiting to be called to the specialist spinal injury clinic.  Regrettably, there was a mix up in my paperwork and the referral was not made in March as it should have been, which is why I've not been allocated an appointment yet.  I am now on the waiting list.  I am devastated because, apparently, I would have been seen by the end of March.  When I think of how painful and inconvenient the past few months have been and how it could have been relieved already.

So, the garden remains still loved but unattended.  Nature, however, is doing a perfectly good job left to her own devices, and in the coming months the wildlife will benefit from mullein, verbena, teazels, herb Robert, dandelions, daisies, hawkbit and many, many more wildflowers.

I confess to loving this new, rewilded border arrangement!

Here are some more close ups of flowers blooming in the garden and bringing joy to my world.

The lavender hedge is coming along nicely and is even bigger now than when I took this photo a week ago.

Unfortunately, I haven't seen the lovely people who were helping me for two months, so it's all rewilding itself, which I don't mind at all.  However, both my vegetable and fruit patches are desperately overgrown.  I have put out an offer for someone to take care of it in exchange for the produce they can grow, but no one is interested in it.


How quickly the year has flown by, and Daisy Yellow ICAD is upon us once again.  I am planning two months of tangling, and I've got all my bits and bobs in order, ready to go

I've been doing a little practice run.  

Sadly, I went to sleep in the middle of the second piece.  I woke up face down on my work with my pen bleeding out into a fine, big blob of ink!  Unfortunately, sudden onset nodding off happens now because of the Molotov of drugs I have to take.  It's why they took away my driving license.  I've even dozed off while walking down the street!  It is not amusing.

Until next time
Stay safe and well
Debbie xo


  1. I saw your comment on Valerie's blog and decided to look you up. I am also doing ICADs this year, but mine will NEVER be as elaborate and impressive as yours. I am not on Facebook or Instagram, so mine will only be on my blog. I will watch for yours because I absolutely ADORE what you are creating, even if you fall asleep while creating them.

    1. Thank you. So far, I've not been inspired so we'll see what happens!

  2. Your garden looks lovely Debbie - it really does. Nothing wrong with a bit of rewilding and the insects love it :) I do hope you get the hospital appointment soon - what a shame about the referral not going through when it should have done especially with the pain you are in.
    Enjoy your art project - I can't wait to see what you create.

  3. I love your wild garden, so beautiful. And your ICADS are fabulous, Sorry your back is still so bad, and hope and pray that you get an appointment very soon. Hugs, Valerie

  4. It seems your flower garden is doing well on it's own. It's quite lovely in it's "wild" way. I know we like it neat and tidy, but the flowers are blooming wonderfully.

    These three are so pretty. My favorite is the "bejeweled" crescent moon. The first one looks like a bamboo grid, while the second looks like industrial pipes and lots of vines and flowers and surprises to see. You used lovely colors, too.

    I can't imagine falling asleep like that. That must be so awful. Tom is on medications that make him sleepy, it frustrates him. He has to nap when he wants to do something. I hope some day, they can adjust your medication so it doesn't hit you like that.

  5. The garden looks beautiful. I hope your helpers return. And oh my! That's so frustrating, the appointment mess up. I hope you get called in again soon. I'm sure it's quite miserable.

  6. So sorry about your back and the darn appointment mix up. The garden pics are lovely. A great time of year to enjoy nature. have fun with your art.

  7. So sorry that you were let down so badly. Fingers crossed that they sort something out soon.


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