Monday, 5 June 2023

It's Addictive

 Hello Friends!

Thank you for your kind comments on my previous entry.  I have not replied individually as I'm having a few issues with the laptop.  Consequently, I'm forced into minimising my activity on line.  Thank you, also, for your support over my health issues.  Our NHS is a wonderful thing, but when it lets you down it generally does so with a bang.  I am still waiting.

So without further ado, here are my tangles and ICAD's for the first week.

This first tile is not part of ICAD, but create as part of an online tuition hosted by Sandra Rushton of Sanntangle.

As is this second tile, which I confess was torturously difficult, especially at 2:00 a.m. when sleep was the enemy.  However, once it fell into place I understood it!

Day 1/61 Prompt "Sapling"

Day 2/61 Prompt "Polka Dots"

Day 3/61 prompt "map" I went off prompt with a compass rose, a loosely connected subject.

Day 4/61 prompt "espresso"

Day 5/61 "zebra or stripes"

So, my lovely friends, this wraps up the first week.  I'll be updating every Monday, so I do hope you'll drop by and let me know which, if any, you like.

Here are a few more photos from the garden.  We have not had rain now for a month.  Top to bottom: Papaver Orientalis "Coral Sea", Pink Valerian, Teasel, Native Mullein, and finally Lavender.

Every one of those plants will make the pollinating insects very happy indeed.  Some will provide valuable seeds in the winter for foraging garden birds.

It looks as if there will be a fine crop of long stemmed lavender, and I hope to make a good collection of Lavender Wands this Summer.

Until next time
Stay safe, stay well
Debbie xo


  1. Your art work is beautiful as always - the tangles look so complicated.
    Think the polka dots is my favourite.
    Your garden is doing well even without rain and it's interesting to see all the flowers on the Valerian as what I have here has all arrived by itself and has fewer flower heads - although I'm still pleased to see it.

    1. Thank you Sue. The my heart isn't in ICAD this year. Be warned, if you allow it, Valerian will spread everywhere and it's tough to get rid of. The roots are tough as old boots!

  2. My favourite is the second one

  3. Your garden is looking great. Strange with rain - either we get it non-stop or nothing! Your tangles are a delight to see, and the ICADs, too, fabulous! I hope you soon get the medical treatmeant and examinations you need. Till then, stay as well as possible. Hugs, Valerie

    1. Thank you, yes all or nothing with the rain and wind. I'm enjoying the tangling but not the ICAD this year. Hugs, Deb

  4. What lovely art (love Polka Dots esp.) and a beautiful garden. I have a huge Mullein I bought which is threatening to take over the world! You will have some very happy bees I think - ours adore the Lavender especially.

    Sorry about the side-effects of your drugs. Falling asleep anywhere is just no fun. With Keith, nothing seems to work quite as efficiently as it should and the flu stopped it all working. He is only just - 5 weeks on - starting to walk a bit further again and his blood pressure was better today because of that.

    1. Thank you, in my next post {spoiler alert} the dreaded Mullein Moth arrives!
      More tests ordered yesterday, but BP better than it's been in a while.

  5. Hi Deb,
    The first tangle actually looks 3-D to me. I don't know how you managed the effect, but it's complicated and amazing. It hurts my head trying to figure out how you did it. lol
    The second tangle reminds me of an octopus with air bubbles around it. It has an ocean vibe to me.
    The sapling is so pretty with the metallic paint. It looks "1920's" to me.
    The polka dots are fun and whimsical.
    The compass rose is very classical and elegant.
    Your expresso cup is gorgeous and the whole prompt looks like it could be a poster for a little cafe nestled in the corner of a building.
    The zebra stripes are colorful and remind me of a quilt.

    Your flowers are beautiful. I have never seen pink valerian before. It is really pretty. I hope you have lots of lavender wands. Just the thought of it makes me smile.

    1. Art Nouveau is the style that the sapling reminds me of. It's hard to find a favorite, as I think they all are great, but I think the sapling is simply lovely.
      But I do find the first tangle fascinating.

    2. Thank you my dear friend! I'm glad you like the artwork.
      There's red and white Valerian too, but mine is pink. Deb xx

  6. Wow Debbie those icad's are just gorgeous. You really are very talented indeed. Look forward to seeing more. Your garden is looking beautiful - I especially love the pink poppy.

    1. Thank you Caroline, I have to say I'm happier this Summer with the garden than I've been for a long while.

  7. Your drawings have such texture and depth that, at first, I thought they were embroidery! Your garden is lovely -- I hope it survives the lack of rainfall okay. Sending love!


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