Saturday 15 October 2022

LifeBook Taster Sessions part 2

Hello friends!

This finishes up what I completed during Life Book 2023 taster sessions. It's been a while now, since I've not made art daily. I started on June the 1st with two months of index card art. That was followed with Artful August. Then there was Ida Lang Andersen's Artist Soul Gathering. And finally, Tamara Laporte's Life Book.  It's a lot of art!

I'm still making art. I've no plans to stop now until I can no longer hold a paint brush. October is my birth month, and I will be treating myself to some new art supplies for my birthday.  I am going to get, amongst other things, some professional quality watercolour paints. I haven't decided which brand yet. I think I'd like a set of half or quarter pans rather than tubes. Some of the brands I'm looking at are Daniel Smith, Schminke, Windsor and Newton, and Daler Rowney.  I already have cheaper watercolours, student grade as their known.  Basically, while they are still good quality, they're not as highly pigmented as the professional quality. And there's also the factor of being lightfast. Lightfast means if you hang your painting on the wall, the colour won't fade in a few years. Light affecting pigment is one of the reasons many galleries have subdued lighting.

Recently, someone asked if they could buy some of my work. Unfortunately, I had to refuse, because they have been made as the result of a lesson, and copyright of the images is not mine. However, this offer is why I have to seriously consider painting anything in the future using professional quality paints.  I would not feel comfortable selling something that wasn't made to professional standards.

I have also had someone offer me NFT's for artwork. But I have no idea what these are, and I have no intention of getting involved.

The next lesson I did was Tamara Laporte's "Butterfly Queen". It got a bit out of control with brightness, so I had to knock it back quite considerably to where I could look at it without wearing dark glasses!!!  I changed the symbolism to Christian by placing a Celtic cross design on the forehead instead of the more Pagan style used in the demonstration.  This lesson came at a time of year when I mark the anniversary of the passing of both my parents just three weeks apart. The fact that it includes butterflies seemed very appropriate at this time, because butterflies symbolise rebirth.
I used Neocolours, Derwent paint pens, and Brushos.

The next lesson I did was Mindfulness Mandala, hosted by Angela Murray, 
a superb class. I really enjoyed the freedom that this gave, taking me way outside my comfort zone of not being perfect. 
Mixed media.

I have struggled somewhat with the white lines but am working through it.  So, I did a second one to test my new ideas.  I gave this one as a birthday card/small gift. It was very well received. 

I'm not altogether sure I'm done with this one yet. I wanted to do one in autumnal colours. I do like the vintage feel that the colours have given.

The colours in this one didn't turn out as I'd hoped, but it's all a learning curve. I learned two new things making this one. It's all good in the end. Not as bright as I'd hoped it would turn out, though.  i am pleased with how well the free hand drawn circle turned out.  

So my friends, that pretty much sums up as far as I got this time. I didn't do as much as I'd hoped. But then I've been busy with other things. There are only so many hours in the day, and I'm struggling to get the garden ready for winter. And that has to take priority now. Next week I start another course. It's hosted by Ida Anderson Lang. It's a ten day long course, but we only produce one piece of work, so it'll be interesting to see how that goes. I'll let you know later.

I'm hoping to start sharing work and progress on the garden soon, but in the meantime. I'm taking measures to try and improve my fitness and hope in the near future that I will be starting to go out and about on short rambles again. Maybe a mile or two with the camera. I want to get us back to normal as I possibly can, while I'm still able to.

Until next time.
Stay safe. Stay well.
Debbie xo


  1. There was quite a discussion on the topic of selling art from class or tutorials on FB in one of my groups and the consensus was it's OK to do it if it's your original design based on what you learned in the class (but not the direct copy of a tutorial). Some would add: "Inspired by a tutorial by ---" or "based on ..." The fat that you DO the work, modify the design to suit your eye or whatever, does make it original in part. It's a personal dilemma and I think there are several answers (but not the direct copy!)

    I love both Daniel Smith and Winsor Newton pro grade paints. Sennelier too.I use the tubes and like that because I find I tend to use some colors more than others. I'm so glad you are upgrading your paints. I think it does make a difference! What a great post, Deb!

    1. Thank you Jeanie, that's a great and really helpful reply. I had pretty much surmised that I could sell it if it's my own original work based on what I've learned, and not a direct copy off the tutorial, because let's face it we are all of us learning off each other. We go to an art gallery or an exhibition and we peruse the works of art that we like and suddenly it's embedded in our subconscious and we're using it in our work without even realising it. We scroll through Instagram and ideas plant seeds that grow, not to mention Pinterest! I do remember to attribute the guest lecturer or host in some way shape or form, either by saying inspired by or in the style of or hosted by followed by their name. it's made so much easier if the company or artists use the term Angel Policy at least you know where you stand then!

      I still haven't decided on my new paints. I do have some from the Society of all Artists {SAA} but I am very disappointed with them I don't know if they're old or what but they seem to be separated out with a very oily consistency for watercolours.

  2. I am just now saying "hello" again because it wasn't until today that I knew you
    were blogging again. It's wonderful that you are filling your life with art and that
    you share it with all of your followers. I'm going to enjoy reading your older posts
    with many cups of tea ! I like taking time to study your art pieces in this post,
    really noticing the overall design and colors, then searching out the tiny details.
    I especially like the last piece with the hearts within hearts. Your greeting card
    us very attractive.

    I used to receive an email with a link to your latest post. Is that still happening ?
    If so put me on that list. I wish you well as you tackle getting your garden ready
    for winter. I hope you get some help with that job.

    1. Thank you. I hope you'll enjoy reading back too. I do enjoy doing my art very much. And it makes me happy when other people enjoy it too.

      I'm afraid I can't help you out with the e-mail. Blogger have changed some parameters since I was last on here and I still haven't figured it out. If you have a reading list, I think if you copy and paste my blog address into your reading list it will flag it up for you.

  3. I love them all but the Butterfly Queen is so very beautiful. You have created some beautiful pieces of work there.

    My husband uses Windsor and Newton both pans and tubes but mainly the latter.

    So pleased you are enjoying your art so very much and producing beautiful pieces. I hope the garden progresses well and you can go out for some short rambles - small steps:)

    1. Thank you Ragged Robin. Yes, Winsor & Newton seems to be a fairly popular paint. I guess a lot depends what we used when we growing up too.

      The garden is progressing slowly. Slowly being the operative word. But it's going to get there somehow. I keep the faith in it.

  4. Beautiful art. I love how you made the butterfly girl, so pretty. The mandala is beautiful, I haven't tried it, I lost so much time being in hospital. I just finished the selkie woman, she looks like a sad ghost! Have a great week, Deb, look after yourself and take care, hugs, Valerie

    1. Thank you, Valerie. I hope you get a chance to make some notes and do some screen captures so that you can catch up on a few lessons. I know being in the hospital took it out of you and made things difficult for your art too. I'm looking forward to seeing your selkie. It's not easy painting flesh in green, is it? Take care and be gentle on yourself. Hugs. Deb.

  5. Your Butterfly Queen is gorgeous. You have gotten the proportions of faces down very well. The eyes, nose and mouth are all in perfect proportion to each other. You can see how far you have come in learning how to do portraits. Well done.

    The mandalas are so pretty. Of course, my favorite is the Autumnal one. Just beautiful! The one with the tiny hearts is lovely, too. You are simply blooming as an artist. Your creativity has caught fire. I'm so proud of you.

    I am looking forward to your short rambles when you are able. I know how much you enjoyed them, about as much as we did reading about them later

    Take care,

    1. Thank you, Darlene. While I am following the lessons, there are rules for drawing a proportioned face. Starting with an oval for the head, dividing it in half for the eyes. Dividing in half again for the nose and the mouth. Then of course, you got to play with those proportions. It's really not that difficult. Just take some getting used to.

      The next course, which I think starts today, is going to be interesting because it's 10 days long and we only do one piece of work. I will find that challenging.

      Take care. Hugs. Deb xoxo

  6. The flowery designs are interesting - can’t choose between them. I do hope you manage to soon get back to normal.

  7. I love all of the bright colors, Deb! Your natural talent for color combinations is quite eye catching. I'm very happy to hear you will be venturing out and about. I always enjoy your photography of your lovely area. Take care, my friend as you venture about. xoxo

    1. Thank you, Martha Ellen. Starting to go out is on hold until the weather calms down some. Could be some time! Have a lovely week. xoxo