Saturday, 15 June 2019

When The Rains Stopped

Hello Friends!

Well, it rained; and it rained; and it rained; and it rained. Then it rained some more, but this morning after what seemed a monsoon season long wet weather system, and certainly not anything like June is supposed to be, I awoke to glorious sunshine peeping through my curtains from a bright world rejoicing as the sun glinted and danced around the pristine, freshly washed land.

Today is so beautiful; the temperature is pleasantly warm; the breeze is as gentle as a butterfly's wings beating; the sky is oh! so blue behind the cotton puffed sky; the sea is calm and gently laps the shore.

I had to get out of my cottage. After days of being stuck indoors while the deluge deluged down from above Cabin Fever was setting in. Off I set, turning left at the bottom of the road, and off into the byways and country paths that surround my cottage I strode.

Like Bilbo Baggins, I went out of my front door on an adventure.

A Hobbit walking song is a good idea!

Still round the corner there may wait
A new road or a secret gate,
And though we pass them by today,
Tomorrow we may come this way
And take the hidden paths that run
Towards the Moon or to the Sun.

taken from one of JRR Tolkien's poems.

I have not been out on the coast path for a few years, and this morning when I set out it was not my intention to do so as I went walking past horses and cows in the meadows 

with the music of the wild to accompany me as I sought out butterflies and bees going about their business, making honey while the sun shines brightly

Fox Moth

Painted Lady
I have tried to correctly identify, but if you know better, please leave a note in the comments!

On I wandered, following the road as it meandered through the fields, as it narrowed, and passing by some tempting little paths that I mark to return another day

So on and on I went, eventually arriving at the coast. Oh! how magnificent it looked this morning in the pre midday rising sun!

The sea so blue, so calm; the sky so big, so bold, so blue, so puffy cloud strewn and bright! The land in countless shades of green and cliffs in many hues of richest brown.  Clear as the eye can see to the wide, adventurous horizon.

Does it matter which way you turn, which way you look? I don't think it does, do you? It is all majestic in it's splendour.  I stood, I turned, I drank deep draughts of salt sea air, fresh and cool, refreshing, restoring, traveling deep into my being.

The tide is low, far out, and rock pools and caves exposed, for we are on a big Spring Tide cycle right now. How fun to explore the shallows and the nooks and crannies along the rocky shore?

I have seen many repurposing uses for the old GPO red telephone boxes, but this one is a new use to me! A doggie comfort station! How quaint; how sweet; how thoughtful indeed!

Returning to the village, I see yet another view to make me gasp, out across the Cross Square, over the rolling meadows where sheep do safely graze, and away to the vast and distant ocean.

Oh, I took many, many more photos, but they are keeping for another day!

Until next time
Deborah xo


  1. Thanks for taking us on your beautiful adventure Debs. Having moved from North Devon to Lincolnshire I so miss the coastline and the coastal paths. That walk was good for your soul and ours. We still have rain and flooding in Lincolnshire. Hopefully the full moon will pass and the weather will change on Monday, it often does.xx

    1. That's quite an exchange of scenery. Here's hoping the rain soon subsides across the UK. The flooding is so bad again.

  2. You’ve had better weather than us any brief spells of sunshine are just punctuation marks in periods of rain and it’s hardly June temperatures either.

    1. We've had almost non stop rain, but not as I would call heavy, but others here disagree with me. We need some weeks of decent summer sunshine now.

  3. How blue is that sea........wonderful

  4. One word describes it all...breathtaking! Thanks for taking my breath away today. I loved seeing it all and feeling like I could actually be there with you.

    1. One day, my friend, one day! You'll have a personal guided tour. xoxo

  5. What beautiful pictures, dear!That huge expanse of blue sky and sea!Just want to breath in the salt air! Who wouldn't want to walk these paths?Breathtaking picures, what a great photographer you are!

  6. How beautiful it is where you live. I am from USA. We have had much rain as well. I live in Michigan and we have had a very cold and rainy spring. Love your blog!

  7. Stunning - glorious - magnificent - home from home.
    Thank you Deb

  8. Thank you Sandra. I often think of you when looking at my photos and know how much you miss here.

  9. Beautiful photos - you really do live in a stunning area. Such a lovely walk and so much to see and enjoy.

    I do hope your back is slowly improving.

    1. I feel so blessed to live here, whatever the weather it is beautiful. My back is slowly, too slowly, improving, thank you.


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