Sunday 14 August 2022

Artful August Part Two {the good, the bad, and the downright ugly}

 Hello Friends!

Thank you for all your lovely words of encouragement last week.

Here is what I did for the second week of Artful August.

Day 8, prompt was Circle.  This started out with a plan which quickly went wrong before plummeting into the abyss of What Was I Thinking.  Still in the interests of honesty I'm sharing it, ugly art though it be.

So, to save face, I made this one.  I've always wanted to give this a go and I really enjoyed the process so will do more in the future.

Day 9 Prompt was Box.
Lots of little squares and rectangles, deconstructed boxes; mixed media.  Not in the zone with this and not sure if it's finished either.  At least I'm happy with the colours.

Day 10 and jumping ahead to the prompt Metal. Spectrum Noir metallic pencils on some horribly cheap black paper.  Metallic media always work better on black substrate.

This just sort of happened, popped up on it's own doing, a doodle page testing, or sampling, gel pens on black paper

back on track
Day 11 prompt was Foliage.  Alcohol pens, gel pens, Posca pens

Day 12 Paint.  Inspired by the online art course "Flow and Line" by Robin Sturis, on which I was lucky enough to win a seat.  Quite a departure from my usual!

Day 13 I skipped ahead to the prompt Shape, quite by accident, so will add today's prompt of Building to my list of skipped prompts to do later.  Just random squares and rectangles using a set of Derwent Graphitint paint pans.  I love the muted tones of this particular set of paints and this turned into a sort of sampler piece for the paint.

Day 14 Shape {take 2} I was curious after the previous painting to see what happens with a different shape and medium. While it has it's own merits, imo it isn't nearly as successful as the previous one.
Inktense, micron pen, gel pen

Don't forget to pop back mid week for ICAD updates!

Which is your favourite? And why?

Until next time
Stay safe, Stay well
Debbie xoxo


  1. Each one is so unique, Deb! I do love the doodle page and the Spectrum Noir! Day 9 reminded me of a transistor schematic drawing. Also day 11 really reminds me of your style with the lovely vibrant colors. I hope you have plans to place these pieces of art about your home to enjoy. xoxo

    1. Thank you my friend. I am enjoying experimenting, hence the diversity of style and pattern. It's such fun! I have no plants for display, not yet anyway. xoxo

  2. All lovely and so creative. Hard to pick just one but I did really love the Metal Spectrum one as it was just magical and such a lovely lovely effect. You have worked hard on these pieces and should be very proud of them all.

    1. Thank you. I enjoy doing them, coming up with an idea and following through, but especially seeing where the process takes me, letting it happen organically.

  3. What a difference the different mediums make. I like your 2nd circle, and the Day 10 work on black, but think the foliage is my favourite - reminds me of Aboriginal art with those dots. Well done.

    1. Thank you. I could not have been more surprised at the difference made to a process simply by using a different set of paints and shape. A lot like that foliage card across my platforms.

  4. The second one is my favourite,

  5. I love the circular wreath and your foliage, especially. Very beautiful and lovely work on all of them, Deb.

  6. Thank you Jeanie, coming from you that's a great compliment.


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