Sunday, 4 July 2021

ICAD Roundup Four

Hello Friends!

Thank you all those of you who have kindly taken time for your very kind and encouraging words about my art.  It is most appreciated.  Also, thank you for your comments on my flowers, in case I don't get around to replying, as I'm immensely enjoying Wimbledon.  You know it's good playing when they knock back the BBC News by an hour!

Well, last time it seems the poppy won the popular vote, hands down! Dare I ask you to pick another? I do especially like the courgettes, particularly 25/61.

I'm quite thrilled as I've been asked if I'm selling any!  Flattering as this is, no, I'm not as they are part of a collection, although I am working on one to make a picture as a gift.  What a dream of mine that would be, to support myself by selling my painting!  I've got a long way before that could happen.

So, the first month is up!  July is up and running, and beside ICAD being half way through, so is 2021.  How did that happen?


While waiting for the base colour to dry, I realised I was very happy with the courgette fruit, so, hard decision to make.  The first one is the base coloured one, the second is the finished image.  I managed to stay away from the fruit and just work on the flower!

Sakura Koi watercolours


Spring flowering crocus, mixed media

28/61  Stylised rudbeckia, alcohol ink pens

29/61 Alcohol ink and Derwent paint pens

30/61  Doodling with Derwent paint pens.  I think this shows how tired I am from lack of sleep!

31/61  This is the equivalent of Hump Day, we're half way!  Mixed media paints, gel pens, and paint pens.

For anyone who is keeping tabs, I have fallen behind, I should be on 34/61, I'm blaming it on Wimbledon!

Until next time
Stay safe, stay well


  1. Wonderful ICADs Deb, love them all, but the lavender is my fave! Have a great week, hugs, Valerie

  2. They are all wonderful so hard to pick a favourite but I do particularly like the courgette at the beginning and also the crocuses. Keep enjoying Wimbledon - there have been some great matches so far this year :)

  3. I love the Crocus and the Lavender. Well done. Enjoy Wimbledon.

  4. Lovely work, Deb. I like the bold colors of the spring flowering crocus. The stamen dusting is a nice touch. Have a nice week ahead. xoxo

  5. I doubt whether anyone would fault you for falling behind, Deb, but would just appreciate the lovely art. Enjoy the rest of Wimbledon watching.

  6. Oh, I love this batch, also. Hmmmm, if I were to pick a favorite, I'd say it would be between 26 and 27. Very bold. I like that about them. They've got that Georgia O'Keefe vibe. I also love how you did the courgette. The variation on the fruit is quite nice, and the flower is also nicely variegated. It must give you great pleasure to create these. It makes me feel very zen just looking at them!


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