Saturday 30 November 2019

Festival of Christmas Trees 2019

Hello Friends!

It's the last day of November, all the big Autumn festivities are at a close and now we herald Advent tomorrow, December 1st, and before we know it, it will be Christmas Day, and the next thing it will be 2020.  How did this happen so quickly?

Sixteen years have flown by since I first introduced the concept of a Festival of Christmas Trees to my village.  Oh, boy! You should have seen everyone's faces, their expressions, when I first presented this concept to the Christmas Tree Association.  You could see what each person was thinking, "What is she going on about?" or "What mad scheme is she concocting now?" But, I must have done something good because they let me run with it; that first year we only had nine trees centred in the City Hall, but on the first day you could hear pennies suddenly dropping across the village as requests to "put me down for a space next year!" came pouring in!  The following year we had twenty trees, and the event is now an established part of our Christmas social calendar in the village.

I no longer have a part in the organising, as many of you know I was a care giver for several years and reluctantly I turned over the reins to others.  Everyone is doing a first rate job and the event continues to gather momentum.

This year, a very creatively minded lady suggested introducing a new category, A Decorated Christmas Wreath, to the event and it's a huge success!  The response has been superb, and the wreaths are all beautiful.  More on those in a second blog, as I do not want to overload this one, and the wreaths are all worthy of their own entry, so check back in a few days for that one.

I am always amazed at the imagination and creativity of everyone across the village.  Each year every tree is different, and while sometimes a theme may be repeated, the interpretations are all so different. We see real trees, fake trees, trees made out of trees, and trees that are not trees at all but highly imaginative installations.  It's all good, and it's all good fun!  I love to listen to the comments and see the smiles on people's faces.

So, here are the photos I took of this year's entries, or is that ent trees?

A local hostelry promoting their wares

Hand felted Robins by Menevia WI Craft Group

Tiny hand wrapped wreaths from Coffee and Chat

I wonder what the Ladies' Netball Team has under their goalpost tree?

An ocean theme tree

The Holly and the Ivy

Hand made gifts and surprises in a handmade Advent calendar

Remembering the past through reading in the Welsh language

Stitchy Witches Red and White handstitched tree

Eisteddfod Handmade Tree with Welsh themes

A seaweed tree

National Trust interpretation of the Cross Square with recycled and natural materials

Remembering the Moon Landing 50th Anniversary

Reading at School

 Local Playgroup recycled tree from clean used milk bottles

Recycling theme

All Wrapped Up!

A tree made using the new local doorstep recycling collection scheme boxes


I would love you to tell me which is your favourite, and why, in the comments.

I do hope you have enjoyed seeing all the hard work and creativity on show from my small village, and don't forget to pop back in a few days to see the dedicated decorated wreath post, will you?

Until next time
Deborah xo


  1. What a wonderful post and well done to you for suggesting the Christmas Tree Festival all those years ago and arranging so many of them. It is so good that it continues. I love going to see Christmas Tree Festivals although most round here are in churches.

    Such creativity and imagination in your village. I have to say though that my favourite is the felted robin tree - partly because I love the hand felted creations and, of course, who could resist a robin :)

    Thanks so much for sharing the wonderful trees and I look forward to the decorated wreath post immensely :)

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I first saw these festivals in America, on such a scale of grandeur that beggars belief. They are catching on for a few years, and we have ideas in the works to expand, as has happened with the wreath idea {post to follow}

      I think my favourites are the red work, the robins, and the NT one, hard to pick just one! I think the originality and interpretation of the NT one is hard to grasp from just a photo, with its connections to the village.

      Treasure does not go to this event in case he gets misplaced on a tree!

      Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Some beautiful ideas and designs there, and how brilliant that your idea has grown and grown.
    I shall be visiting the big tree festival in town and first time display in the village church in December.
    The wreath idea is so good too

    1. Thank you, Sue. Yes, and some of these organisations have a minimal budget to work with. Looking forward to seeing the events you are attending on your blog soon.

  3. It's lovely to see the creativity expressed in these festive Christmas trees, Deb! I'm sure it thrills you to see your idea carried on throughout the years. I must say the Stitchy Witchy red felted ornament tree is my favorite, but the felted bird tree is a favorite as well. I'm looking forward to seeing more about the wreath entries. xoxo

    1. I have to agree, those two were my favourites, and knowing the local connection also the National Trust one as it is a recycled interpretation of the mediaeval prayer cross on our village square. I shall announce the winners too! Deb xoxo

  4. Deb, perhaps it's the power of suggestion, since you closed the post with a closeup of the robin tree, but it did catch my eye earlier on and I like it best for its simplicity. The Welsh language/reading tree is culturally unique to your country, and made me think it would be quite interesting to be able to understand some of the words I see within this post. The Natural Trust Cross Square has piqued my curiosity, and I shall be googling more about it! Thank you for sharing these creative ideas on this December eve along Alabama's Gulf Coast, USA.

    1. Thank you, n/a, and now I wonder who you are, I have an idea, possibly my cooler climate loving friend in the South? I hope you find your answers to your curiosity, if not I will be happy to help.

    2. Sorry, I didn't realize I needed to enter my name ... thought it was automatic. I'm actually the 'across the bay friend' from your cooler climate loving friend!

    3. Well, we both know who I thought it was. Lovely to see you!

  5. What a wonderful idea and how creative all the trees are. I especially liked the red and white stitchery tree, but all were wonderfully original. Well done, Deb, on organizing such a fun festival for you village. I'm determined to make a festive Christmas for us, though Gene is still on his back. We are grateful he feels as good as he does, and we find interesting things for him to do. Blessing on you this Advent season if I do not get around to writing again. Jane xo

    1. Thank you Jane. I cannot take credit for this year though. It's not easy getting through the hustle and bustle of this time of year with a poorly loved one, I wish you both well. Deb xo

  6. Well, I would have a dreadful time if I had to judge this because you can tell the work and thought that has gone into all of them and they're all very good indeed. Favorite... I think it has to be the felted birds -- maybe because I'm into birds AND felting these days but it is so artfully done and you can see every bit so beautifully.

    We have a festival of trees here that opens in a week. Now I'm extra excited to go. And I can't wait to see the wreaths!

    1. Thank you, Jeanie. Yes, it's always difficult to pick just one tree, so sometimes I come back and vote again! So much work going in some of them, and most on a very tight budget too.

  7. What a fabulous idea you had Deb! I was wondering if this would be something our village would like to do - looks such fun - i love all the ones with a nod to environmetal issues. And having wreaths as well adds to the whole event.

    1. Well, not my idea, one I imported, but it has flown with gusto. I would be more than happy to tell you how I went about setting it up and answer any questions, just email me. We always have several environmental ones, the odd controversial one too!