Monday 25 May 2015

Late Spring Flowers

Gentle Reader ~~~ I fear it will be some time before I can give my full attention to this journal, and even to anything more than the most basic of urgently needed jobs in the garden ~~~ Thank you all for your messages, notes, and wishes over the last few weeks ~~~ they have been of great comfort and support.

The weeds now run rampant and are taking over the flower beds, the vegetable plot, and the soft fruit patch and I am unable to do anything other than watch from the side lines. It has been a struggle to find time to do even the mowing, a mere thirty minute job each week ~~~ and the dandelions have been magnificent!

Despite the weeds taking over, some of the flowers are managing to smile and bob their cheery dance in the borders, and so that you will know that I have not forgotten you I managed to take a few quick photographs as the season, and the year, march on before us ~~~ so here they are ~~~ a small reminder of the Spring days turning in to Summer ~~~

Apple blossom a~plenty flourishes on boughs ~~~

~~~ quite bridal in it's majesty ~~~

Arum Lilies wait in the wings ~~~

and Lilies of the Valley, picked and displayed in an antique teapot vase to bring their magic fragrance in ~~~

Peonies, bright and blousey, red and vibrant ~~~


Sweet Woodruff under plants gives snowy white ground cover ~~~

and Apple Blossom petals blanket the ground as a late snowfall in spring ~~~

Columbines, Granny's Bonnet, Aquilegias of every colour are blooming very well this year, indeed they are~~~

Osteospermums are also doing very well ~~~

while Alpine Strawberries run and hide in between, and every where they hide ~~~

Comfrey seeded into the garden three years ago, and now has a strong foothold along a warm stone wall ~~~

Golden Marjoram flourishes there too ~~~

and silver Sage ~~~

Apple Mint loves the extra food that seeps from the adjacent compost bin~~~

So, Gentle Reader ~~~ a few photographs to show that, despite my in-attendance, the garden still grows on ~~~ I hope to snatch a few stolen moments soon, maybe weed a border or two, and sow some seeds for simple Summer salad crops, as time permits.  


  1. Let me try this again…Deb, I am sooo glad that you are feeling a bit better!!! I like the osteospermums. I have never had them in my gardens. My sister came up from NC and we fit in some gardening discussions in between beach time and light house viewing. She is into making salve these days.

  2. Dear Debs, I'd say your garden is tending itself admirably! I love the tumble of varied colors and leaves and shades of green. Everything there looks lush and healthy. My friend, Ann, also an avid gardener, said that one of the outstanding things that struck her on her many trips to UK was the abundance of healthy, beautiful gardens. Your climate is ideal for all sorts of garden plants. I love everything you have, but especially the peonies and osteospermums. Thank you for sharing. I'm sure you find, like me, that gardening is such a respite in the midst of care giving. Prayers and hugs for you and your mum. Jane xoxo

  3. It is so lovely to see a post from you.
    Your flowers are truly blooming & beautiful.
    I pulled my back for a week & now have had a sickness bug for another week so I have not touched out garden either, the boys are out weeding today which is a great help.
    I think of you often, take care
    Fondly Michelle

  4. So wonderful to hear from you today, Deb! Hoping that small moments in the garden will bring peace and renewal, along with sunshine and fresh air, to your busy days, my friend. Your Springtime garden is filled with lovely colors! Our peonies are still tight buds, but our columbine, sweet woodruff, and lilies of the valley are in bloom here in the Midwest. Thanks for taking the time to write today. Sending lots of good thoughts your way, Deb! ♡

  5. Deb, your garden is lovely. Are all those flowers in bloom at the same time? That must be my problem with my garden. My Lily of Valley have finished and the Peonies have not begun so I have periods of only a few things in bloom. This is why I like to photograph my garden. I can arrange a "garden" of blossoms in an album to make my garden look a riot of color.

  6. Deb,
    Your photos are lovely, as always. And bring joy in their viewing. I was surprised to see your comfrey has white flowers. Mine has purple. I'd love to have some comfrey with white flowers. I must check that out.

    Take care,