Saturday 15 July 2017

Sweet Summer Succulents

Hello Friends!

Heartfelt thanks to all who sent wishes for a speedy recovery.  I'm getting there slowly, and as any of you who suffer with back problems of any kind these things take time and lots of care in movement!  At least I am able to walk about almost normally now.

So, I have not done very much of anything other than hobble about to fix food and do minimal cleaning while enjoying the remainder of Wimbledon fortnight.  Disappointing in some respects, but uplifting and joyful in others. It was sad to see both Andy Murray and Johanna Konta go out, but they did very well flying the flag, and I'm so proud of them, especially Andy Murray who played incredibly well considering his injury, which makes me feel so wimpy nursing my bad back!  It was so very uplifting to watch the Men's Wheelchair Doubles competition, and the British pair, Hewett and Reid, the reigning champions, retaining their title!  Matches are still in progress, with the Men's Singles Final tomorrow.

I am in total awe of the wheelchair tennis competitors, as I am with the para~athletes currently competing in London at the World Para~athletics Championships.  When I was growing up, this genre of competition was never heard of, but in the last few years athletes and sports men and women with a disability have become a force to be reckoned with, and the generation growing up now will grow up with para~athletics as if there was never a time when it did not exist. I think this is a wonderful and inspirational thing indeed, they are the real superheroes and not a cape in sight, unless you count the flags flying out behind the winners on their laps of honour!

I digress! I don't watch a lot of sport, but enjoy a few select things, as you can tell, so let's get back to the garden.

The weeds are enjoying themselves during my absence. This morning, however, while I went to the garage, I noticed a couple of spots of bright colour, one in the porch, one in the slate trough that sits in front of the cottage.  Closer examination shows that two of my succulents are in bloom! I'm so excited about this.  I have lost almost all my cacti and succulents and am starting to slowly rebuild a collection for myself, so this is a very encouraging start.  The small tower I planted up a few weeks ago is settling down well and the cuttings are establishing themselves and starting to grow, and there are new babies on the succulent I bought for the top pot ~~~

I've noticed some fine, feather weeds in the pots so I think I'll have to find an old tweezers to get them pulled out quick as I can!

Until next time ~~~
~~~Deborah xo


  1. Wheelchair athletes are just the most amazing heroes! It's quite inspiring to see all they have overcome and still excel in a sport.
    Deb, your tower of succulents are quite handsome and look so happy. I've never had much luck with them other then hens and chicks. Very nice display, my friend. Glad to hear you are making some progress toward mobility. We had a super duper storm last evening that bought down lot's of sticks to be picked up in our garden. I'm afraid that chore told me my knee needs an ice pack. Have a great evening. xoxo ♥

    1. Thank you. It's a start to rebuilding a collection.
      Oh, this is not the time of year for storms, is it? All of our trees and shrubs in full leaf + strong winds are not a good mix at all. Stay safe, and look after that knee of yours.
      Enjoy your weekend! xoxo

    2. Deb, when our temperatures are in the 90's it's not unusual for us to get thunderstorms. Sometimes they can be quite violent.

    3. I remember the summers in Virginia so well. One day, we had 98*F with 98% humidity and the 'feels like factor' was equal to 140, or something like that. I loved the thunderstorms, but that's the crazy child in me letting loose!

  2. So glad your back is slowly getting better - I used to have problems with my lower back and used to rely on on voltarol tablets if it went into the dreaded spasms but now you can't get that without prescription but I have found the cream quite good.

    Have loved watching Wimbledon too - sad about Andy Murray but he did well to get so far with his injury. The wheelchair athletes are incredibly inspiring to watch.

    Love the succulent tower - I really must start rebuilding a collection here. So excited for you that you are getting some flowers.

    1. Thank you. Yes, I use the cream too and find it much better than the tablets {which I cannot take} as it works much more quickly.
      I've just found some rather lovely pots at Burgeon and Ball that are perfect for indoor cacti!

  3. Lovely pictures. I should come here more often.