Sunday 12 July 2015

ICAD Week Six and We're On A Roll

Gentle Reader ~~~ yes, we are on a roll, literally, this week for the prompts all week long are for games ~ not all involve dice as you will see ~~~ and the media prompt is a colour palette of your choice daily, any medium.~~~ so ~~~

***edit*** this has only three of the seven daily prompts. I have been ill in bed for most of the week and have not felt like standing {or sitting} to work on anything ~~~ I have even missed three of the Wimbledon finals, but am making certain not to miss the Men's Final this afternoon. So, here is my 'short' week. I do not know yet if I will try to play catch up on the missed ones, or just carry on from here ~~~

Day 36 {yes, we really are on day 36} brought a prompt of Backgammon.

One of the oldest games known in the world, but all the boards I've seen are neutral and masculine, so I decided to use a pink palette making it a bit girly adding some pink pearly Nuvo Drops accents.  The wording I used, Acey Deucey, is because many years ago I frequently played this variation on the rules.  I used mixed scrap papers and cut the wording out using my Brother Scan n' Cut and squiggled some scribbles around the edges with a Fine Liner ~~~

One day, the prompt was Monopoly {I lost count while in bed}
I used to love playing Monopoly. I was ruthless! This is made up of street names coloured and written using Spectrum Noir alcohol pens and Fine Liners. I think the colours really look like I cut out rectangles from my old board ~~~

Today, I think it might be 42, the prompt is Scrabble. This took me less than five minutes as I am still very shaky and not good at doing much else other than sitting in my arm chair {I have a bowl of Haagen Dazs Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream in lieu of berries and cream to fortify me while watching Wimbledon}, so it is not much of a muchness but, although rough it sums up my feelings on art ~~~ well, just a little ~~~ it isn't easy when you haven't any hwyl as we say in Wales ~~~

I did promise a small garden update, but obviously that has not happened either, and there is a small excitement to share too, so I hope to catch up on that during the coming week ~~~

Until next time ~~~


  1. Oh Deb, I'm sorry you've been ill. Please take care of yourself and get well soon. I particularly like the Monopoly card. I guess my simple mind has never thought about the difference in your board(with pounds and different properties) from ours with our dollars and properties for the US. Be sure to drink plenty of liquids and rest when you can. ♥

  2. Get well, my friend. I like the Scrabble one the best.
    Take care and take it easy.

  3. Feel better soon, dear Deb! Sending extra healing hugs and positive thoughts Across the Pond. I love all of your game-inspired artwork! I'm drawn to the soft color palette of Backgammon, the bright Monopoly cards (with such interesting places), and the bold Scrabble graphics. Well done! Try to take it slowly this week to build your strength. ♡

  4. Haagen Dazs is good too, so I do hope you will feel better soon! Summer is not a good season to feel ill.
    I myself like a good game of Scrabble even though no one can beat my son Eric. Even my sister. he he
    What are the tiny pink flowers under the poppies? I wish I could send you pictures from my garden.

  5. I had my 15-month-old for 5 days so am just now getting a look see. I'm sorry to hear you've been ill! I hope you are fine by now. I think considering how you felt you did admirably well in completing 3 of the assignments. You have really nice printing! I'm not familiar with backgammon to fully appreciate your pink palette, but I like it none the less.