Saturday 17 August 2013

The Garden Still Grows~~~

Gentle Reader, my back is still preventing me from doing any manner of gardening, other than a smidge of necessary watering using my smallest watering can from Harrod Horticultural {one of my favourite online shops} which is lightweight even when full.  The watering is restricted to only the pots and vegetables that need it most.  It is not easy hobbling with a stick in one hand and a full watering can in the other, but the garden still grows~~~

I am also struggling with my technology.  My newest computer is still waiting attention, and my old laptop is plodding on, holding the fort.  I had planned to do a few blog entries using my quite extensive library of photographs, but they are all on the 'resting' computer so this is not an option.  Gentle Reader, you are stuck with my wittering around what few photographs I have on this one! 

The weather, overall, is not unpleasant, but is not as warm as it could be.  As my small vegetable crops play catch up from their late planting I fret they will not catch up enough.  I must have more faith!  Regrettably, the forecast for the next 48 hours is, frankly, abysmal and not what one expects in August.  Higher winds and heavy rain are the likely prospect.  Locally, campers are advised to be aware of localised flash flooding.  These are the joys of a British Summer Camping Holiday.

The courgettes (zucchini) are two healthy looking plants, all things considered, and they now have several small fruits.  I do not think they will produce enough for my delicious Courgette Chutney, and if I want to have this scrumptious addition to the Christmas table then I might have to buy the raw ingredients.

This was taken about two weeks ago, and it is a very healthy looking plant~

Then, just a couple of days ago, I noticed, with a squeal of delight, some yellow flowers and the first few fruits starting to develop~

and some more!

Courgettes have male and female flowers.  It is prudent to remove the male flowers as soon as possible because they are generally far more prolific and sap so much energy from the plant that you really want going into the female flowers which are the ones that bear the fruits.  I don't expect these ones to get too big, but they will be delicious, whichever recipe I use.  More on this later~~

I have protected my tiny mixed leaves plants using recycled clear plastic beer pots and washed yogurt pots (with the labels removed).  So far, they have deterred the slugs, snails, and birds, although some children staying in an adjacent cottage found great amusement using them as skittles!!!  Thankfully, no major damage was done and all that was needed was a little tidying up.

A pair of close ups~you can see the little plants perfectly protected in their own little micro~environment~

Here, you can see a fine collection of Borage seedlings growing amongst the upturned pots.  These are on the 'to do' list as soon as I can get gardening again, because I want to pot them up so I can plant them where I want them to grow next Spring~

Borage flowers are so pretty, bright blue, and make lovely additions to ice cubes, or in a Pimm's Cup~~

Other edible things that are nearly ready are the apples, full the tree, but are all too tempting for the crows who seem to love them almost as much as I do!

A lovely bunch of peppery radish for salads or snacking~~

and brightly coloured nasturtium flowers, which are a particular favourite of mine, to add to a salad or even to munch on while gardening (of course, be careful to check there aren't any bugs inside!)

I have some photographs of more lilies (yes, they keep on blooming and giving even more colours!) and some surprising little critter photographs too, but they carry a 'scary' warning, so when you return next time, you have been warned!

~~~A Gardener's Work Is Never Done~~~


  1. Oh Deb,
    So sorry to hear your back is still hurting you so much! But letting it rest is the best thing to do...NO MATTER HOW FRUSTRATING IT IS!!!!

    The photos are great and I am so envious of your zucchini! I swear,I am the only person on this planet that can't grow zucchini!! I told Tom we are going to give it a rest and try again in about 3 years. Maybe the squash bugs will die out in the meantime.

    Can't wait to see the new photos! Lillies,critters and all! Take care! Darlene

    1. Very frustrating! All I can do is watch the garden grow and go wild. Wonder why your zucchini aren't growing? The are very greedy and need lots of food and water. Off to Google squash bugs!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for asking, but not quickly enough, so not keeping up with how quickly the weeds are taking over now!