Sunday 28 July 2013

An Image~heavy Day~

Gentle Reader, before I begin, I just want to say Croeso! Welcome, to those of you who follow me here, on my Facebook page, and on Twitter.  I am new to Twitter, and it is all a bit beyond me, but I am giving it a go!

At the moment, the garden is bobbing along as I get through the summer months, but very shortly I hope that some serious moving of plants and organisation or the future of the Garden In The Shire will begin! For now though, I am enjoying looking at all the wonderful blooms I have in my borders and pots. 

The heatwave has ended and the weather returns to comfortable, warm days.  We had rain overnight and some short, sharp showers today.  Some of the more delicate blooms suffered, but I think most will recover in a few days, benefiting from the cleansing, refreshing rain.  The lawn already looks much happier and I am amazed at how quickly the parched ground is sprouting green shoots!  I think the mower will be out for a trip very soon.

Now, as I promised, very few words and an image heavy update.

First, a little corner as it was in Spring~

and then it grew some~

And here is a little video of how it is now~

Frothy Alchemilla Mollis~the alchemist's favourite dew catcher~and an all together useful plant for filling in the borders, smothering weeds, and making a pretty addition to any posy or flower arrangement~

The firework~explosion of an allium Christophii gone to seed~ 

Audrey II ~ or a large, oriental lily bud, depending on your sense of humour~

Bramble flowers, soon there will be blackberries for pies and jelly~

 Three cultivated foxgloves in peachy pink, purple pink and creamy white~

Ladybirds are few and far between this year, but here is one on my white lavender angustifolia~

I love the spikes of this white lavender, how it sways in the breeze, a perfect summer plant~

Brightly bold, the oriental lilies make a vibrant splash of colour~

I love the centre, all those tiny grains of pollen giving texture, and fragrance calling to the bees~

A tiny hover fly pecks at pollen fallen on the leaves~

a macro shot makes me think of the work of a favourite artist, Georgia O'Keeffe~

Early morning dew drops~

Bright orange lily, purple stamens, and pink rose~such contrast, such colour~

Early one morning, I was up before the moon had gone to bed~

Considered by many as a weed, but a beautiful weed indeed~Morning Glories in the border~

A favourite of mine, a pair of Mullein thapsus {Great Mullein}

Pretty pansies, everyone's favourite garden bloom~

Look at those little pirate faces~who can resist?

A pink rose grown from a cutting~

and a lovely, fragrant Whetman pink I bought last year~

a small posy of Whetman pinks, with lavender, Alchemilla Mollis, oregano, and a Ruby Wedding rose~

the rosa rugosa is filling out at last~

Ruby Wedding rose  with Alchemilla Mollis~

A late rosebud on the Frances E Lester rambler~

Ruby Wedding rose (taken indoors without a flash)~

Pink roses against a twilight evening sky~

The flowers of Verbena bonariensis are a certain draw for butterflies and bees, and loved by goldfinches for the seeds in winter months~

Gentle Reader~as promised, many images, few words~until next time when I shall tell you of the soft fruits I am cropping~

~~~A Gardener's Work Is Never Done~~~


  1. Lovely flowers, beautiful photography!

  2. Your garden is so lovely and your way with words? A treat. This I loved: "Early one morning, I was up before the moon had gone to bed" from Lina, your friend in California

  3. Deb, your garden is just lovely. Your photography is breathtaking! I stopped by from Susan's blog… and look forward to the next tour of your garden.
    ♡ Dawn

  4. No wonder you have won awards with your photography...your talent with the lens is fantastic!! And I agree,more than one of the photos reminded me of Georgia O'Keeffe! Your garden is coming along so well!

    The best treat of all was to hear your voice!! Tom wanted to listen,too and we both just smiled! That made my whole day!! Thanks for that and the lovely photos,I do look forward to each posting to see how things are growing in your part of the world! Darlene

  5. Thank you for becoming a follower of my blog.

    I know bindweed flowers are beautiful but in the hedgerow and not smothering plants on our plot where it is weed nuisance number 1.

    As for Audrey - it couldn't be because that bud is mouth shaped could it.