Sunday, 20 August 2017

An Apology!

Hello Friends ~~~

This is just a quick note, to apologise for having swamped your Reading List with all my blogs since January this year. It was an accident, I assure you and I can only guess as to what happened.

I made a tiny tweak to some of my settings, yesterday evening, and this may have caused this to happen. Believe me, I didn't dream anything like this would happen, it is obviously a foible of Google Blogger, but, sadly some of you have already become very upset at me, and have even left. This makes me sad, I did not ask for this to happen, and had I known what would happen as a result of my tweaks, I would have left well alone.

Please accept my heartfelt apologies. I am so embarrassed by it all.

Until next time ~~~
~~~Deborah xo


  1. I thought perhaps you took your blog down and then put it back up that's why the posts all appeared, glad you are sorted again now x

  2. No apologies needed, Deb. Crazy things happen as we work with this program. Some of it is explainable and some of it not. I was wondering what had happened, but it's no issue for me. Don't worry about such a small thing, my friend. Have a wonderful afternoon. xoxo ♥

  3. How unkind for people to become upset with you over their Reading Lists being "swamped". I assure you, it did not upset ME. Hopefully, they will ask for forgiveness and return as one of your Readers. ❤️

  4. It didn't worry me either- I assumed you'd been hacked and was more worried for your sake. No apology necesssary xx

  5. I missed seeing anything different at all!

  6. I don't use reading list so wasn't affected!

  7. I haven't seen any problem either.. how silly of people to get upset with you and leave.

  8. I didn't see any problem here, Deb, and I agree with Julie above. How silly to get upset and leave!! Goodness, we all have issues with technology from time to time. Life is too short! There are far more important things for folks to worry about!! Perhaps they should focus on helping those folks in Texas, and put life into perspective!! Hang in there! Love your blog! Jane xo


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