Sunday, 18 December 2016

Christmas Countdown, Traditions and Trivia Day Eighteen

Hello Friends!

We're on the home straight now, a week from today it's Christmas Day. It is hard to believe how quickly this year has flown by ~~~

Here is today's Advent calendar picture and scripture ~~~


We have a lovely tradition in the cathedral at Christmas called Lilies for Remembrance.  Displays of pure white lilies are arranged on the altars, the font, at the bases of pillars, and in the small chapels and annexes throughout the cathedral.  For a small sum you may dedicate a lily to a loved one who has gone before.  I have seven names that I dedicate lilies to, and here are some of the images I've taken over the years of the displays ~~~

Here is a photo of the organ loft decorated for Christmas. I often feel the presence of my Grandparents when I look at the organ loft, for my Grandfather was Verger at the cathedral for 35 years, and my Grandmother was Housekeeper at the Deanery, which is just up the hill from the south door. I often sense they are standing there looking down on the building that played such an important part in both their lives, and which meant so much to them ~~~

Tonight's Yuletide Lad, number seven to come down from the mountains, is Door Slammer, also called Hurðaskellir or Door Banger. He enjoys nothing better than disturbing you while you sleep by making plenty of noise during the night by banging doors.  He leaves on December 31st.

Until next time ~~~
~~~Deborah xoxo


  1. Oh Deb, your post is so touching today. I often feel the presence of my loved ones. What a grand and glorious cathedral your grandparents served. The organ pipes must have the most lovely sound. The lilies are so pretty and touching in remembrance of them. Thank you for sharing this special Christmas tradition of yours. xoxo ♥

    1. Thank you. It is a comforting feeling. The organ loft recently underwent refurbishment, but I would not want to polish the pipes!
      ~~~Deb xoxo

  2. The perfume must be intoxicating,

    1. It's not as strong as you might expect because the place is so cold.

  3. What a beautiful post about lovely memories. And beautiful photos to go along with it. What a heart touching tradition.
    Love and smiles,


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