Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Christmas Countdown Traditions and Trivia Day Seven

Hello Friends!

I think you know the drill by now ~~~

Here's today's Advent calendar ~~~

It's getting busy now as the 25th approaches, so thought I'd share some quick Christmas Trivia today and ask you a quick question:

 what's in a name? 

Many babies born around the time of Christmas are given names associated with the time of year, so for fun today I looked some up online and here are just a few of the suggestions ~~~

For a boy you could have:

Casper    Christian      Claus      Gabriel      Joseph    Nicholas     Noel   Rudolph

For a girl you could have:

Carol   Gabrielle   Holly    Ivy   Mary   Joy   Noelle   Virginia   Gloria  Belle   Natalie   Natasha    Angela

Some more unusual suggestions include:

Cookie    Candy    Giftson    Gifty  Star   Peace  Melchior   Balthazar  

Do you know someone born in December who has been given a Christmas name?

Until next time ~~~
~~~Deborah xoxo


  1. Deb, some of those names for Christmas babies are unusual indeed. I can't imagine some of them. Both of our children were born in December. Our daughter was born on Christmas day and her name is Noël! After she was born they brought her to us in a red stocking. It was and continues to be our most exciting Christmas. xoxo ♥

    1. Hello Martha Ellen ~ yes, they are unusual, aren't they? I was thinking of you particularly when writing this, knowing you have December babies! Imagine receiving a baby in a red stocking!
      ~~~Deb xoxo

  2. My niece was born on Dec. 2, but her name is Sara. Nothing Christmas related there. We have a friend, John, born on Dec. 24. I suppose you could stretch it by saying Elizabeth was expecting John the Baptist, when Mary visited her after the Gabriel visited her with the news of Jesus coming birth. My Grandmother was also born on Dec. 24th and her name was Lillian. I can't think of any Christmas related person, but maybe you know of a Saint or something. Interesting blog as always! Love, Jane xoxo

    1. Hello Jane! I've been thinking, Lillian is a derivation of Elizabeth, but it is also considered by some to come from the Latin root for lilies. Lilies, of course, have many connections with the scriptures, Christ and Mary.
      ~~~Deb xoxo

    2. Oh, that's good, Deb. I hadn't thought of that. Of course, lillies and scripture connections! I should have thought of that. Thanks for sharing that bit of information.

  3. I can't say I know of anyone born in December, but some of the names are different, indeed. You have a good selection listed and tho there were some I would have guessed, some were new to me. What a nice little trivia game to think about.

    Love and hugs,

    1. I know quite a few, including some Christmas Day babies. My cousin is a Nicolas. Some of those names smack of a Jamie Oliver twist! lol
      Love, Deb xoxo


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