Monday, 1 August 2016

Closing Out ICAD 2016

Hello Friends!

Well, it is August 1st and ICAD is now officially over, so here are the remainder of my cards for July. Lots of different subjects and techniques, all lots of fun.

Here is what I wrote on the {closed} ICAD Facebook page this morning ~~~

Feeling kinda odd today ~ who isn't? ~ even though I still have five catch ups to do by mid month it isn't quite the same this morning somehow. Still, this year has reignited my spark and now I can't wait to get started on watercolour paper {it's been in the cottage for about six weeks waiting in the wings ~ how good am I?}

ICAD saved me this summer, truly it did, and I am so happy and grateful f
or the chance to reconnect with old friends and make some new ones along the way. It makes the experience so rewarding.

Heartfelt Thanks to Tammy and her Wonderful Team of moderators who make ICAD possible.
Enormous Gratitude to everyone for the inspiration, the comments and likes, the camaraderie, and just for making ICAD a unique experience for all of us to escape to for two whole months of Summer ~~~ without you it just wouldn't happen!

As before, I'll put the daily prompts in the caption, and please remember that, although I painted, drew, and collaged these myself, some of the images are not my own original art but used as they fit the daily prompt. So, here are my favourites from July, with a montage of all the cards at the end ~~~

A bonus card and background card

100 so I did a rendition of AA Milne's Hundred Aker Wood



Statue of Liberty ~ I reiterate, as I have done constantly on FB and other social media platforms, this is NOT a political statement but the Statue of Liberty as a Weeping Angel from Doctor Who.

Meditation ~ I guess eating a pomegranate is sort of meditative or annoying!

Folk Art

Bonus card beachscape


Lens ~ using my own photography cut in circles ~ as seen through a lens


Rainbow Making Machine

Play on Words
A Woolly Jumper

Lighthouse ~ this is the Smalls Lighthouse 21 miles off the coast


Aurora Borealis

Superhero ~ if the competitors taking part in Invictus Games are not Superheroes, then I don't know who is


Cloud ~ oh, look, yet another Doctor Who reference!


Aquarium ~ a dendritic print from which a Weedy Sea Dragon emerges

The Olympics 

Graffiti ~ oh! look, another Doctor Who obscurity! 

Hopscotch or Tic Tac Toe {Noughts and Crosses}

Sorbet ~ a sorbet sunset over the lamp-lit village

Path ~ as a personal homage to Beatrix Potter during the week we celebrated the anniversary of her 150th birthday, I copied one of her little watercolour paintings.

July 2016

June 2016

So, it is over and it feels strange to wake up and not have half an hour before my day starts looking at all the wonderful miniature pieces done by all the members of the group as I drink my coffee, but my creative spark has reignited and I am eager to start making small compositions using watercolour paints and other mediums as soon as I can. There are several in this collection that I want to work on a slightly larger scale and on good quality watercolour paper.

Which is your favourite? I'd love to know!

If you want to see my entry for June's ICAD you can read it here.

Until next time~~~


  1. So you are back on Blogger? I absolutely adore the map: it looks like one of these old Middle Earth maps drawn by Tolkien. I could imagine using some of them at a Dungeons&Dragons game.

  2. I thought I would pick paisley as I do love paisley. I love hearts, so I thought I would pick the folk heart. My fingers still itch to touch texture, so I thought I would pick texture. But...I think my favorite might just be sunflower! Who knew? :-)

  3. Well, you have truly outdone yourself, my dear friend! Your miniature works of art are all amazing. If, and only if, I have to pick a favorite, it would be the Hundred Acre Wood! All of the detail is a wonder to me and I love Pooh and his friends! Bravo! I look forward to seeing your new creations with the watercolors and other mediums. Hugs from me across the sea ~ Donna =)

  4. You have done such splendid work, Deb! I'm happy to hear you will expand on your art in the future with watercolors. How nice. I do hope you share as you are talented, my friend. How can I choose a favorite? I love Magic and the Sunflower and the Wooly Jumper and the Hundred Acre Wood.....too difficult to choose. Enjoy your days of creativity, dear Deb. xo ♥


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