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Daffodils, Pancakes and A Patron Saint

Hello Friends!


It's been quite a busy few days in the village as it is March 1st, and that means it is Saint David's Day, the day we celebrate the Patron Saint of Wales.  You can read all about it here and here  where I have previously shared several of our events and a little of the history of David himself.

I was unable to attend in person at any of the events this year, however, I did manage to take a few photographs of some of the many windows that have been so beautifully decorated in celebration of Saint David. Here are a few of them, a bit shaky as it was like standing in a wind tunnel out there today in 50 mph winds ~~~

I love these quirky pottery Welsh ladies

Here are some of my personal things, some table linen, a Welsh lady doll that is dressed in traditional costume that someone lovingly knit by hand, and a few towels and oven gloves with Welsh patterns ~~~

and a plate of delicious Welsh Cakes, a yummy treat to have with tea on St David's Day ~~~

We also have dear friends living Across the Pond who celebrate Wales and they share their lovely pictures and celebrations with us ~~~

Yesterday was Shrove Tuesday, which you can read about here, however, many of you celebrate this day yourself in one of its many forms as it is celebrated across the world and I'd love if you'd share your stories in the comment ~~~

I don't like calling it Pancake Day as I observe it as Shrove Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday, and the start of Lent, although, as a child, we sang the following little ditty all day long in school, in eager anticipation of delicious pancakes, fresh from the frying pan, for our tea when we got in from the cold, and often wet, walk home from school ~~~

Pancake Day! Pancake Day!
Mother's Busy Baking 
Toss the Pancakes! Toss the Pancakes!
Turn the Pancakes Over!

I always remember my mother, slaving over the hot stove which stood in the corner of the tiny room where we cooked, ate, and sat around the fire of the evenings, making the pancakes one by one so each of us got a fresh, hot pancake slathered in melted butter, sprinkled liberally with sugar, and drizzled with lemon juice. She would serve everyone first before sitting down to her own, then start again giving each one of us a fresh pancake in turn, ending with her own, until all the batter was gone! My goodness, they were tasty treats with all the sugar and butter!

We sat, in eager anticipation, not only of the delicious pancakes, but waiting for The Toss! No meal of pancakes is proper without the successful toss of at least one pancake!  I pride myself on my expertise in this field!

Here is my recipe for crêpes which I learned in school, many decades ago ~~~

4 oz plain flour, sifted with a pinch of salt into a mixing bowl. Make a well in the centre and into this crack two large eggs. Gradually incorporate the eggs into the flour, slowly drawing the flour into the eggs. When all the flour is absorbed by the eggs, slowly pour in 1/2 pint of full cream milk beating constantly using a hand held electric whisk. You may, of course, whisk by hand using a balloon whisk should you require to burn off calories before eating your treat!  Set batter aside for a minimum of 1 hour before using. Immediately before using, pour 1 oz melted butter into the batter and whisk well.
To cook the pancakes, heat a heavy flat based pan and lightly grease with butter. When the butter begins to give off a blue smokey haze the pan is ready. Pour about 1/6 of the batter into the pan and swirl around until it reaches the edges. When the top is dry and the pancake slides freely in the pan, flip using a spatula, or toss if you are brave enough and cook the other side until golden brown.
Transfer the cooked pancake to a warm plate and flavour or fill with your choice of toppings before serving immediately. Repeat with remaining batter, which makes approximately 6 pancakes of 10 inches diameter. Bon Appetit!

Our traditional Shrove Tuesday pancakes are globally called crêpes, those heavenly, paper thin French confections of pure, soft, melt in the mouth delight which I love dearly. Today, pancakes will be made in many shapes, sizes, and filled with all manner of treats.  These are mine ~~~

I don't mind savoury or filled sweet pancakes at any time of year, and love them filled with garlic mushrooms; roasted Mediterranean vegetables; broccoli in a cheese sauce; ice cream and chocolate sauce; fresh fruit and a brandy sauce; you get the idea ~ but on Shrove Tuesday they are simple fare served in remembrance of the day.

Did you have pancakes yesterday, or do you have other ways of celebrating Shrove Tuesday?

Until next time ~~~
~~~ Deborah


  1. We had some simple pancakes yesterday, just a little lemon and sugar, delicious, I treated myself to some daffodils, it has been so dull and gloomy here, I just needed them to brighten my days, I do love Wales, we will be going again for a break sometime, it is high on the list of possible places to live, it is such a beautiful place.

    1. I know you love Wales! I didn't buy daffodils because the local shops hiked the prices to £1.00 for a bunch of just five buds! Daylight Robbery!

    2. I posted a picture of the ones I bought from Asda for £1.00, I took four buds out and put in a small vase in our bedroom, but for a £1.00 we had quite a few, paying the same for five buds is Daylight Robbery.

  2. Ooo Deborah
    I had a delightful visit!!!!!
    THANK YOU!! (and I will revisit your other posts again now too)! XX OO
    Love, warmth and blessings, Linnie Lou

    1. Thank you, Dear Linnie! I was in a rush yesterday, so the best information about St David's Day and the best pictures are actually in the links if you have time to look.
      Hwyl! Deb xo

  3. I had every intention of doing pancakes, but the day got away from me! These look wonderful and I love all the daffodils photos. It's 81F-degrees today and my daffodils are all abloom! XOXO

    1. The pancakes were good! Oh, 81 degrees ~ sounds so wonderful as we shiver with the worst weather of our winter so far! Right now it is hailing out! Ugh!
      Hwyl! Deb xoxo

  4. those daffs are absolutely gorgeous and the pancakes make me hungry! having just fed the dogs, maybe I should feed me.

    1. Thank you, and I've just made myself hungry again scrolling down the page!

  5. One time when I was teaching, we made pancakes in assembly. The pressure was on tossing a pancake with over 200 children watching,. Fortunately I managed.

  6. Gorgeous post! Thank you for my virtual walk around your lovely teeny town - I will get there one year - in the meantime gonna make me a daffodil wreath!

    1. I wonder if that will be full of crochet daffodils? Can't wait to see it.

  7. It's lovely seeing all your little town's shop window's all dressed up.
    We had traditional lemon and sugar on our pancakes.

    1. Thank you. Yes, the traditional and simple pancakes are so often the best.

  8. Hello Deb: Wonderful post. All the shop windows are so charming, and keenly interested in seeing so many art galleries. Just lovely. I do love pancakes. Alas, Weds. was consumed with some necessary things, but I am going to make pancakes this weekend as delayed celebration! We can do that, can't we!! I have Daffodils blooming along my back fence right now, and remind me of yours! So glad to see you are working things out. You are an inspiration. I'm looking forward to a month "off" to fill my well again! I'll be checking in to email though. Thank you for sharing your wonderful heritage. Jane xoxo

    1. Thank you Jane ~ daffodils are so pretty, aren't they, as they bob their shy heads ~~~

  9. What with moving etc we missed pancakes and St Davids. My new blog was going to have more country and traditional stuff but hasn't yet!
    Wish we celebrated St Georges or St Edmunds (P.St of Suffolk) with as much enthusiasm as you do St David or St Andrew up north!

  10. Saw your Icon, in comments, in another blog.

    Had to come over and tell you, how much I like it.

    And of course, how much I like your Header, which is a large version of the Icon. I do like hares. :-)

    Gentle Spring hugs,
    Luna Crone


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