Saturday, 30 July 2016

ICAD 2016 June

Hello Friends!

Do you remember last year in June and July I got involved in an online art challenge called ICAD, which stands for Index Card A Day? It is an annual event organised by Tammy Garcia over on Daisy Yellow. Although ICAD is now closed for the year, there's lots of other things to discover on Tammy's blog, so you can pop over for a quick peek {well, there's so much to read, it won't be that quick} ~~~

It's such great fun, with lots of wonderful and imaginative creations to see from so many talented people taking part, such an inspirational and friendly group of people, and making lots of lovely new friends along the way ~~~

Well, I joined in and I've been up to it again!   I've picked out two or three that I want to do again on proper watercolour paper as soon as I can. When you are looking at these, please remember that they are made on index cards, so the scale is quite small ~~~

With the weather being anything but summery it has been a lot of fun to have something creative to do indoors. Some of the daily prompts were challenging, others were quick and easy, and some took ages to do. Here is a quick summary of what I did in June with a montage of all my June cards, and some of my favourite ones are singled out underneath ~~~ I'll put the daily prompt underneath each one ~~~

Mix Tape ~ I did a play on words and used sewing tapes

Snoopy ~ I copied an image and drew it freehand

Cloud ~ always battling the clouds here!

Island ~ a collage using a dendritic print and found images

Compass ~ stamps, handwritten wording and quotes from Lord of The Rings

Cobalt Blue ~ I just had to do the TARDIS

Baseball ~ hand drawn images cut out and collaged

Bouquet ~ I did Autumn Fruits

Landscape ~ I did Carn Llidi which you may recognise from my photographs

Orange ~ I did a collage of found orange papers

Snowflake ~ die punched flakes on an inked background


Invent A Prompt ~ I chose to do arches

Winter ~ a simple, freehand line drawing in ink

Space Invaders ~ dandelion seeds in the wind

Aqua or Pool ~ I did an aqua pool

I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed making them. The challenge finishes tomorrow, so in a day or two I'll put up the July cards for you to see ~~~

Until next time ~~~

p.s. do you have a favourite? I'd love to know which it is!

Monday, 25 July 2016

I May Return To Blogger After All

Gentle Reader ~~~ Having tried Wordpress and found it has it's merits, I may well be returning to the Google Blogger platform in the near future as it is too time consuming to be flipping back and forth between the two platforms.

While Wordpress is a very smart and precise machine, it has many idiosyncrasies that I cannot get used to, and some things I just do not like, such as being unable to use a font of choice or adjust the colour and sizing without paying a princely sum for the privilege.  In just a few short weeks, I have used a whopping 3% of my allowance, so I can see that being a drawback at some point too.

One of two things will happen ~ either I will switch back, or I will stay on Wordpress ~ or I shall give up blogging all together ~~~ oops, wait, that's three things!

During my absence I have made a major decision about the garden, I have returned to my art ~painting and drawing~, and am eager to share it all with you, either here or on Wordpress, and once the decision is made, I have a lovely book here that I plan to give away to followers in the near future, so do please share the word.

Until next time