Friday, 29 May 2015

Reclaiming My Mojo for Art with ICAD 2015

Gentle Reader ~~~

Over the recent months my crafting and art mojo have disappeared. A couple of days ago, on my Facebook Newsfeed, I saw a thread written by my nearby neighbour and friend Maggie, who writes about Life In The Preseli Hills.  When the wind blows here, as it so often does, it blows just as bad, sometimes worse for her.  Oh, and she gets snow.

Maggie is a talented writer, artist, and seamstress, and the owner of Magatha Bagatha.  I'm deeply grateful to her for sharing the link to The 2015 Index-Card-a-Day Challenge June 1 to July 31, 2015 because I am going to give it a go.  It is just the thing I need to distract me from the current trials and tribulations happening around me.

The basic guidelines are that you make/create a piece of art on an Index Card but you can read all about it, and share your work, on one of the many platforms listed on Tamsin's Daisy Yellow blog. 

At the moment, I have some really rubbish, cheap index cards to begin with and a few days in which to try to secure some proper ones!  It isn't about the quality of the card, it is about doing something creative.  I have a mountain range worth of stash {haven't we all?} in the shape of fabric scraps too small to mention, fibres, threads and ribbons in lengths too short for even the faeries to use, beads, paper, paint, glitter, and glue ~~~ not to mention my recently acquired Spectrum Noir ink pens and pencils, Spectrum Aqua pens, Marvy Le Plume, and so many more tubes of gouache and acrylic that it borders on the embarrassing. Oh, and the pots of ink left over from college days, and ~~~ well, you get the picture ~~~

I might start out with some simple zentangle, just to get going, but there are a series of prompts for those, who like me, are a little uncertain, and these will be useful to look at.

I'm quite looking forward to it. I'd like to see some of you thinking about giving it a go too. I know some of you will.  This is the sort of thing you can do quickly while having a coffee, riding home from work {as long as you aren't driving, of course!} even waiting for the kettle to boil, or supper to cook. We all have some of those moments somewhere in our days.

At the end of it, there will be at least 61 pieces of new artwork to show for it. Remember, it can be ANYTHING ~~~ drawn, painted, stamped, doodles, fabric, altered art ~~~ just FUN FUN FUN creativity for the sake of it.

Oh! I nearly forgot. I will put up a Flickr album later to share my efforts, and a link will appear here when it is done.  I will also try to do a weekly update with my efforts for the week on here, time permitting.

So, let's get going and create some art ~~~


  1. Dear Debs, I'd love to join you! It sounds like a wonderful idea, and I"ll be cheering you on! I am however cranking up the story writing again and quite in over my head, but loving it!! Gene has had some anxious moments this morning, too, and fainted in the doctor's office! Thankfully he is okay, but it quite distracted out book writing project. We aren't going to take this sitting down, though! But I applaud your doing the creative experiment. It will be wonderful for you, and I'm saying, Good job!! Hugs for all you have on your plate. I do understand. Take care. Jane xo

  2. that's a neat idea, not sure if I am "talented" enough though for this......

  3. I am stripping wall paper and painting this month. My Arnie is out to SEA.
    I do love your thoughts about ribbon too small for even a fairy to use. My grandmother never threw out any of these sraps of ribbon or lace, and even ordered odds and ends from some company. She decorated our dollies dresses. As I was Spring cleaning I couldn't throw any of my scraps away.
    OOOX Margot

  4. Oh, Deb! I'm so happy to hear that you are jump starting your creative mojo again with this artistic challenge! I'm sure it will be so relaxing to spend time creating and inspiring as you dip into your wonderful talents. I look forward to your updates! Enjoy every moment! ♡

  5. good to see you creating again !! And what a fine idea! Seeing as my art comes in the form of playing the piano, I think I'll use my cards to start playing again. I'll write the name of the piece & get out my vast rubber stamp collection to decorate it!! It will be a good distraction for me, as well !

  6. Deb, it will be fun to see what you create! Creativity is a wonderful way to be yourself!


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